Launch of events “Media, Technology and Communication Forum” 21th, Current November in Kuwait

The Executive Board of Media and Technology Forum is preparing to launch the second session of the Forum, which will be held in the State of Kuwait from 21 to 23 November, with the participation of a constellation of senior officials in technology and communication in  governmental and private sectors, and a number of specialists and academics with expertise, as well as producers of investors in the communication industry, technology and media at the local and international levels.

Media and Communication Forum will discuss how to reach the best use of media and social media in the management of our lives and work through the studies and practices of specialists in the field.

The forum will present ways and means of working to organize the means of technology that work through the Internet space, and lay the foundations and rules of professional, professional and legislative work, using the participants expertise of the competencies , academic and practical experience in the areas of media and communications.

The operators are keen on bringing  together the concerned, influential and influential media, communication and technology professionals to create a kind of interaction by expressing their views on the media and technology situation in the Arab world.

The forum aims at studying  technology role in the growth and development of government and private institutions, and the direct impact of the technological revolution on changing the foundations, concepts and tools of many other industries, as well as seeking to regulate the means of technology that work online and to establish professional and legislative bases and rules for their work, Between media and communication and its impact on all other sectors.

Media, Technology and Communication Forum  seeks to set up outputs, views and recommendations that will help employees in different media sectors, whether in government, private or individual institutions, to understand and develop the interrelationship between media and technology, and invites those interested in media and technology to follow the latest news of the forum by entering the site:

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