Muzzena, the World’s Unique Numerology Based Dating Website Launched

(Paramaribo, Suriname, November 21, 2017) – Numerology is trusted by a large number of people around the world, who use its intricate, mysterious ways to find the best things in life. A new dating and matchmaking site, Muzzena, now offers a tool that uses the power of numerology to find the most appropriate and fitting matches for its members.

The first thing that every single or wannabe couple wants to know is whether their partner is compatible. Muzzena matches individuals all over the world based on their spiritual compatibility. Created by numerologist Eric Nirk, also known as Numeroloog Nirk, Muzzena is a full-fledged dating website with every essential feature that is required on the dating, friendship and marriage scene.

Using Muzzena is as simple as filling out one’s name and date of birth. As a closed tool for singles, users can search for their potential mate, and receive email alerts of the best matches based on the website’s search engine that uses numerological science.

“Numerology can determine if two people are suitable or not. Your date of birth carries all the info regarding the difficulty of life, but also your character, willpower and spiritual baggage,” says Numeroloog Nirk.

Muzzena is the creation of Numeroloog Nirk, who focuses on giving relationship advice based on his knowledge of numerology, especially over social media, to singles and couples from all over the world. Apart from numerology, he is also a marketing expert and a practitioner of Taekwondo. Muzzena came into being after he realized that numerology offered an easy and accurate way to become successful and find one’s ideal soul mate.

“Relationships form the basis of every society in this world. In order to contribute to the creation of a better world, I have created Muzzena to reach a much larger group,” says Numeroloog Nirk.

Muzzena welcomes singles and those interested in finding matching partners from all over the world. The platform is secure and all profiles are verified and vetted before approval.

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