Paw Patrol, the new running game launches on Google Play

Paw Patrol is the newly launched mobile game on Google Play that has received positive results from the users. The game brings a new take on the regular running and jumping games as it brings a cute puppy as the main character of the game. The game developed by Pets and Cat team offers some unique challenges to the players.

Paw Patrol is an addictive jumping game where the player can control the super kong hero and run with it. They have to avoid hitting enemies or kill them, score points and reach the finish line of Paw Patrol at each game level. The player has to prevent the Pups Patrol from falling otherwise the game will be over. Although the game may sound easy, it is challenging and entertaining as it tests the player’s quick reflexes and focus.

Paw Patrol features attractive game graphics to enhance the gameplay. The players can also find the gameplay explained step by step so that they can play the game conveniently and become an expert. The game features multiple game levels with different themes and difficulty levels. Additionally, it works offline without an internet connection so the users can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, whether on a train or airplane. The users can also find the option to dress up their pet robot in multiple colorful dresses. Unlike the other running games that feature rugged characters, Paw Patrol aims to bring a cute twist to it for providing the users a new kind of running game.

The developers of the game are constantly working hard on making Paw Patrol better and more entertaining for the users. They invite feedback from the users to make further improvements for an even better game. The game is available for free download at Google Play Store.

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