Creative Biogene Compares the Advantages and Disadvantages of Escherichia Coli and Baculovirus Expression System

The principle of Escherichia coli expression system

E. coli expression system is an expression system that encodes the protective antigen gene of pathogenic microorganisms in E. coli by DNA recombination technique. It is the most common system for the expression of recombinant proteins. The research of E. coli expression system is early. It has many advantages, such as clear background, simple operation and high expression level. Compared to mammalian expression systems, E. coli’s expression level is significantly higher, but also has corresponding shortcomings, for example, E. coli system can not secrete expression protein outside the cell; two disulfide bond formation ability of E. coli is limited; it can not achieve complex modification of protein expression (such as glycosylation modification, etc.).

The principle of baculovirus expression system

Baculovirus expression vector system is a recombinant protein production system using recombinant baculovirus carrying exogenous gene as a vector in insect for expression production.

Since the required cycle of this system is much shorter than that of animals or plants, it can be used for large-scale expression production by individual insects or their cultured cells. The produced recombinant protein is high in throughout, and protein post-translational processing is better than bacteria or yeast expression system. Due to the limited host range of insect baculovirus, only specific insects and their cells are infected, and there is no infection ability to humans, animals and other vertebrates. Therefore, it has become one of the most effective eukaryotic expression systems, because it is safer than mammalian and its culture cell production system.

Advantages and disadvantages of each expression system

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