Striving to Transform the Field of Canadian Security and Anti-Terrorism Preparedness for the Benefit of Their Customers

In these current times of increased threats of terrorism and advanced technology in the hands of more and more criminals, Northern Force Security has made pledge to take a stand.  They have the abilities, training, and experience that many security providers lack.  With these advantages, they’re able to provide tailored solutions to meet your security needs. 

NFS maintains several mission statements that they strive to uphold.  Customer service is important to them and to their customers, and to meet this need they are available 24/7 to their clients.  They continuously seek to improve upon their products and offerings and to providing their clients with tailored needs for their transforming expectations.  Additionally, Northern Force Security seeks to be a leader in anti-terrorism services.  And when it comes to technology, their focus is on implementing and seeking new technology to give clients piece of mind and leading-edge protection.

As everyone knows, Toronto is one of Canada’s most popular cities for events and conventions.  Northern Force Security a leader at providing security at these events.  And as dedicated as they are, this involves much more than providing their clients with security guards and entrances and exits.  NFS understands that whether an event is large or small, that every precaution must be explored.  They provide full risk and threat assessment of properties, ensuring that they can provide clients with solutions that will meet expectations and keep events safe and secure.  They have trained personnel that can provide access control to keep out criminals and terrorists and alert local authorities on their presence.  In addition, their staff is trained on emergency response and crowd control methods so you need not worry about personal injury, loss of life, or damage to your professional reputation.

If you seek professional and reputable security service in Toronto, Northern Force Security have the comprehensive set of skills you require.  You can be sure that as one of your clients, when you enlist them to handle your security needs, you are making a wise decision backed up by years of experience, training, and integrity.

About Northern Force Security

Founded by former military professionals and anti-terrorism specialists, Northern Force Security is on a mission to help advance security and anti-terrorism preparedness far beyond what currently exists in the marketplace.  Northern Force Security is a full service security provider and as such offers a wide variety of security services.  Providing standard home, business, and building security, they are also various other advanced services such as security guard training and risk assessment services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Northern Force Security Inc.
Contact Person: Pavel Lifanov
Phone: (647) 982-1385
Address:1750 Steeles Ave West Unit#217 Concord
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada