After the successful launch of Duetblock, Son Gil presents the game NeoDefense on App store

NeoDefense is the newly launched game by independent developer Son Gil. Before this, he had launched the block smashing game ‘Duet block’ on App store and now presents a brand new battle and arcade game for the iOS users. The app launched on iTunes has received more than 40 ratings from the users and many good reviews/feedback, for instance, one user mentions, “As someone who loved geodefense, I’m equally hooked on this game. I feel like the ability to lock lasers down paths was integral to that tower. Why don’t we have that functionality? I just beat all the alpha levels. Keep up the good work!”.

As the name suggests, NeoDefense is a defense game that requires the player to defend themselves from the invaders. It is a game set in a core of new life invaded by countless creeps. The user can build their fortress any way they wish, upgrade weapons and the let the invasions begin. To keep moving forward in the game and to win, they have to sweep them all. The game will test the player’s quick reflexes, strategies and analytical thinking to attack the enemies and defeat them.

The game enables the user to build their own fortress for incoming waves of enemies. It features more than 500 waves of creeps spread across 75 missions while more missions will be added later by the developer. The players can use 4 upgradable weapons to kill the creeps with style. At the end of every mission, there is a boss who is very hard to beat. The game features eye-catching and high-quality graphics complemented by the amazing soundtrack to keep the player hooked for a long time.

NeoDefense is a tower defense game where the player’s objective is to place various types of towers along a set path that the enemies will progress along, in order to kill them before they reach the end of it. Towers can be laid (with convenient UI) any place of the screen except the path of enemies. The game features a cool retro look and feel to it which is likely to resonate with fans of Geometry Wars. The player can start by choosing the first stage of the Alpha sector.

The mobile game can be downloaded for free at iTunes and more information is available at

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