Strive Physiotherapy Celebrating its Two-year Anniversary

To be a leader in healthcare service delivery, specifically physiotherapy and preventative care, within the local community of Kitchener Region.

Strive Physiotherapy & Performance is celebrating its two-year anniversary.  For two years and counting, we have been helping people across the Kitchener area to restore movement, function, and overall physical performance.

Strive Physiotherapy has a team that offers several types of physiotherapy treatments. We offer the following forms of physiotherapy:

  • Manual therapy: in which the physiotherapists use a hands-on approach to assess, diagnose and treat the restrictions in movement. 
  • Exercise prescription:  the therapist prescribes a healthy prescription of exercise, which has been proven is the best way to recover after an injury, as well as improve and optimize performance. 
  • Pre-and-Post-Operative Physiotherapy:  Also proven to be an excellent way to prepare for surgery for better results after the surgery; as well as help prepare the person for surgery and discuss expectations for afterwards. 
  • Taping:  This is another excellent technique to aid and change the way one moves, supporting the joints, improving movement and decreasing pain from movement.  This approach is used as a method to assist the persons in achieving goals, also used to improve movement in sports and other activities. 
  • Modalities:  This is heat therapy, also known as Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), and cryotherapy.

We also offer several forms of massage therapies as a way of manipulating the soft-tissues of the body in a manner which also alleviates the pain and discomfort of some everyday and occupational stresses such as overused muscles, as well as several chronic pain conditions.

About Us:

Strive Physiotherapy & Performance was founded by Mike Major, also a Physiotherapist; as the owner of the company he has built a solid organization in which he and his team members believe in the company’s vision and mission statements. He also believes that excellent healthcare is dependent upon the establishment of a relationship “to build a partnership and plan to achieve your goals.  Which includes taking the time to listen, explain, and treat; which will, in turn lead to a better outcome and result for each person.”


Strive Physiotherapy & Performance has a vision to become a leader in healthcare service delivery, in the areas of physiotherapy and preventive care, for the Kitchener and Waterloo regions.


We strive to succeed at our mission to help our customers achieve optimum health and performance, through our customer-based services, and an evidence-based practice. 

We strive to uphold our strong value system of: loyalty, humility, ethics and leadership.

As we celebrate our two-year anniversary, we invite you to call today and book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists so you too can enjoy the benefits so many already have here at Strive Physiotherapy & Performance.

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Company Name: Strive Physiotherapy & Performance
Contact Person: Mike Major
Phone: 519-895-2020
Address:260 Doon South Drive, Unit 8 Kitchener, ON
City: Kitchener
State: Ontario
Country: Canada