Trading Without Options Launches a Free Course For The First 1000 Options Traders

The Free Coupons For This Amazing Options Trading Course Will Expire on 30th November And Winston Wee is Welcoming Everyone to Enroll

November 21, 2017: Trading Without Chart has proudly announced that it is offering a 100% free of cost online course for Options Traders around the world. For this month, the free course offered by the company is titled ‘Leaps Options Trading System – Diagonal Leaps Options Spread’. Moreover, the 100% free course is limited to 1000 participants and the coupon offered by the company will expire on Thursday, November 30th, 2017.

“Leap Options is a powerful strategy that is overlooked by most of the Options Traders in the industry and this course will help you in learning how to trade Diagonal Spread with Leap.” said Winston Wee, the Founder of Trading Without Chart, while introducing the free course. “The strategy presented in this course is about involving buying a LEAPS option and selling monthly options against it.” he added. According to Winston, this is one of his favorite strategies in options trading and he is welcoming everyone to take advantage of the free course.

One of the biggest advantages offered by this strategy is that it ensures that the trader always makes money at the end of the month. Moreover, there are no naked options involved and no margin call involved as well, making the potential of return much higher in this strategy. Furthermore, traders will not have to trade options every day with this strategy and at the end of the month, they will be earning more profit than before. In fact, the less they trade under this strategy, more are the chances of their success.

Winston Wee is a renowned online marketer and investor, who has been trading options since 2004. He has been through several ups and downs during this time, including the October Crisis of 2008 and the Flash Crash of 2011, which made him learn a great deal about options training. Trading Without Options is his platform where he shares firsthand information and authentic knowledge with the existing and aspiring traders from around the world. Besides options trading, Winston also owns a successful eBay business and three websites.

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