Outdoor Apparel Company Bantoo Outdoors Launches New Fun and Adventure Mascot, Oly

November 21st , 2017 – Startup company Bantoo Outdoors, which is on a mission to encourage healthy outdoor lifestyles and preserve nature for future generations, has unveiled its new, wild and fun mascot, Oly. Oly the elephant mascot carries the spirit of adventure, and loves being outside, telling others also to follow an active outdoor life.

As an outdoor clothing brand, Bantoo Outdoors promotes wildlife conversation with the motto, ‘Gear for Humans Cause for Wildlife’. Oly is a true embodiment of this philosophy, as the elephant mascot can ski, trail run, skateboard, and mountain climb, tempting others to just be like it.

The online Bantoo Outdoors store is full of exciting apparel and accessories that all outdoor lovers would love to buy. These include bright and colorful T-shirts, bags, hats, hoodies, water bottles and more. The company donates 1% of what it makes to the cause of elephant conversation.

“Oly knows how to have fun and how to find adventure. Oly will also help us spread the word about wildlife conservation. Part of everything we make goes to wildlife conservation,” said Zach Cassita of Bantoo Outdoors.

Bantoo Outdoors aims to change the current state of the outdoor industry making gear for weekend adventures. It also aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, make the world better, and conserve the environment for future generations. The company founder’s ancestral language is Bantu, which inspired the name of the organization.

“We want to respond to over-priced technical apparel. We see the outdoors as a playground and not a proving ground. It’s all about having fun outside. We want to provide comfortable gear at an affordable price. We build gear with the weekend in mind,” said Zach.

Bantoo Outdoors makes outdoor products that carry an effortless style, authenticity, and easy going living that will inspire all generations of travelers, adventurers, nature lovers and all those who aim to live or support a healthy, active life. Products are manufactured with natural materials and responsible production. Bantoo Outdoors strongly supports inclusion, diversity, giving back and wildlife conversation.

For more information, please visit: www.bantoooutdoors.com

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