There is no Shortage of American Entrepreneurs

Innovations that improve the quality of life and work of the community are often spurred by the continuous evolution of technology. Behind these innovations are individuals with the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to make their ideas happen. Clay Alexander is one of these entrepreneurs that have emerged in recent years. Alexander, who has established three companies, made his mark in the areas of lighting and consumer technology.

Lighting Innovator

In 1999, Alexander first showed his entrepreneurial potential by establishing Radiance Lightworks in his early 20s. The company provided lighting design services for an exclusive list of industry clientele such as 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios. Six years later, he would form Journée Lighting, his second entrepreneurial venture, which was later sold to EcoSense Lighting after several years. While with Journée, Alexander made his mark in the lighting technology sector by creating the first LED track light system. 

Temperature Regulated Beverages

Clay Alexander has around 80 patents under his name. Several of his existing patent and patent applications relate to a type of heating technology for a drinkware item. Under his third company, Ember Technologies, he was able to utilize this know-how by developing a smart mug that allows temperature customization. This means that mug owners can choose the ideal temperature for their coffee, tea or other beverages. Following the successful launch of the first Ember travel mug, the company introduced a ceramic mug version in November 2017. 

Future Plans for the Company

Alexander hopes to continue innovating in the future by launching new consumer products under Ember. The company also plans to adopt the technology into dishware and even baby bottles. Another product in the pipeline is a mug integrated with IOT technology. Aside from its temperature control capability, the mug will be able to derive consumption data relating to the owner’s drinking preferences. It will be able to connect with different types of apps that could enhance the coffee or tea drinking experience. 

Alexander’s lighting and consumer products showed an out of the box approach in product concept and development. Through these new ideas, existing, everyday items become better by incorporating unique but functional features. This is one mark of the present generation of inventor-entrepreneurs. They find ways to increase the useful value of ordinary items by turning them into something more suited for the more technologically advanced times. 

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