From the Tesla Model 3 to a possible Apple car, electric cars are all the rage these days.

Despite the recent spate of accidents, banning electric bikes – or other personal mobility devices – is not the solution, as they provide people with a convenient means of getting around. What’s needed is a holistic framework of clear rules, tough enforcement and public education to shift road usage norms, to keep riders, pedestrians and motorists safe.

But cars aren’t the only electric vehicles people around the world are embracing: Increased fuel prices and growing urbanization have spurred the demand for electric bikes, or e-bikes

Global e-bike sales are expected to grow from 32 million in 2014 to at least 40 million in 2023, according to Navigant Research. 

To meet the growing demand, startups – as well as traditional automakers – are rolling out electric bikes as an alternative form of transport. Electric bikes are just like normal bicycles, but they are equipped with an electric motor so you don’t have to pedal. 

ONEBOT T8 e-bikes also include new innovative features, like the ability to connect to your smart phone via an app. 

The ONEBOT T8 electric folding bike has its own app and phone charger. It can also instantly fold. 

The ONEBOT T8 electric bike can travel 25 kilometers on a single charge. 

The lightweight battery pack, which plugs into any outlet and can charge in just four hours, is located in the center of the bike. 

The bike also features an LCD display that shows speed, battery levels, as well as e-bike mode, and controls.

A four-inch display is also positioned in the center and is equipped with USB ports so that the rider can plug in his or her phone to charge. 

This Personal Transporter is a two-wheel electrically powered vehicle.

With a smart & strong 12 inch wheel, it conviniently bring you anywhere without effort, silent and pollution-free.

This is a revolutionary ride-instead-of-walk and recreational scooter. Dual lithium batteries of ONEBOT T8 bike make it possible to run farther. Dual rear brake system of ONEBOT T8 bike reduce accidents in emergency braking. Dual dampers of ONEBOT T8 bike give you a more comfortable riding experience Folable frame, save space and portable , city electric mobility T8 with Left & Right turning signal.

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