Kuntai Machinery Brings a Large Selection of Cutting Machines with Different Specifications for Different Industries

From leather cutting to foam cutting, Kuntai cutting machines are used in sports goods, leather shoe manufacturing, furniture, car interior and several other industries.

For precise cutting of leather, foam, rubber and several other materials, Kuntai Machinery has a variety of machines with different specifications in their portfolio. These machines are designed for cutting a single layer of multiple layers of different materials in desired dimensions and designs for making leather shoes, bags, furniture, sports goods and other products.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply the shoes leather cutting machine that features a simple and precise operation for workers to do their work with ease. The machine is remarkable for its high speed operation, delivering significant output on a daily basis. With low energy consumption, it proves to be a cost-effective option for cutting leather in the shoe making industry. The machine has an automatic lubricating system that allows it to operate smoothly for long hours without any problem.

 Kuntai Machinery Brings a Large Selection of Cutting Machines with Different Specifications for Different Industries

The company also provides cutting machines that have a wide application in the sports goods manufacturing industry. They supply the Football cutting machine that can be used for cutting leather, foam and other non-metal materials. Fitted with a PLC touchscreen, the machine is easy to operate and allows a perfect and precise control on the cutting of different materials. The machine can operate in different modes, such as manual, automatic and semi-automatic, so that an operator can use the machine in a desired manner. The machine is used in making footballs and other sports goods with superb quality and finish.

Kuntai Machinery also specializes in supplying the Foam cutting machine that can also be used for precise cutting of sponge, PU, plastic and other materials. The machine is capable of single-side or double side feeds and can provide an efficient way of cutting foam or other materials. It can also be used for slow cutting to avoid any cutting errors. The centralized, automatic lubrication system improves the machine’s operational efficiency by raising its abrasion resistance by several times. The machine allows special settings to adjust the die cutter to help maintain a particular cutting depth for different materials.

To know more about the cutting machines the company supplies, one can visit their website http://www.kuntai-group.com.

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Kuntai Machinery manufactures and supplies laminating machine, cutting machine, bronzing machine,  etc which are high in quality and accuracy, reliable in performance, and competitive in price. As an industry leader, the company offers free installation training and 24 hours quality service to the clients.

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