Open Mind Generations Provides Motif Investing Overview

REDMOND, WA – 11/21/2017 — John C Brandy, President of Open Mind Generations (OMG), today announced the company’s overview to using Motif Investing as a part of investing success.

To read the details on getting started with Motif go to the OMG website at:

Motifs are a specialized alternative to individual stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and IPOs. Motifs trade like a stock but provide a more focused combination that can be customized by the investor. Motifs allow investors to buy up to 30 stocks that follow a specific theme. Investors with a small amount of capital or those in search of additional investments may find Motifs attractive.

“OMG is pleased to offer Motif as part of our broad scope of investment services”, said John Brandy. “Motifs are an excellent way to concentrate your investment focus without sacrificing diversification.”

Motifs are financial products that are developed and marketed by Motif Investing, Inc. OMG provides Motif as an option in your overall picture but is not a part of Motif Investing, Inc.

Open Mind Generations provides investment guidance across all asset classes. The firm does not charge commissions or fees and is strictly consultation-based. OMG is committed to providing unbiased advice that will help clients optimize their financial future.

John Brandy has personally invested in every investment vehicle on which he advises.

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