Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Features Canon BioMedical to Discuss How They Develop New Solutions for Genetic Research

President & CEO, Akiko Tanaka and Life Sciences Marketing Leader, Brian McNally on set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

(LOS ANGELES, November 21, 2017) – Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview featuring Canon BioMedical President/CEO, Akiko Tanaka and Life Sciences/Marketing Leader, Dr. Brian McNally.  The interview will focus on how the company helps advance genetic research.

Headquartered in Melville, New York, Canon BioMedical is a company that’s focused on empowering the biomedical research and healthcare communities. It does this by developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative technologies and solutions. The technologies and solutions developed help enable clinicians and scientists to improve health and advance science. Canon BioMedical was established in 2015.

Dr. McNally says that Canon has already made great strides in the medical community, but Canon BioMedical is looking forward to doing even more. He explains, “The solutions that we provide certainly target the individual genetic variations, but on top of that, scientists require controls in order to have accurate results that they can really depend on, as well as the transformation that’s happened in laboratories where there’s a lot more acquisition of digital data that then has to be analyzed that can often be challenging to look at. With that in mind, Canon BioMedical has done two things. The first is that, last fall, we launched a series of control products. These products then provide a reliable comparative tool for their results. The second thing is algorithms. Data analysis is something that we’ve gone to international conferences and presented work about. It describes those algorithms and how they can be employed to do data analysis. When we take the controls together with the algorithms and the products we already have, we’re really offering a complete solution for the scientific community.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is proud to feature Canon BioMedical. He says, “There are medical advancements that happen every day. But since Canon BioMedical was established just two years ago, those scientific advancements are growing rapidly. This empowering company’s findings have led to progress in researching a whole host of disease states. We can’t wait to have Canon BioMedical on our show.”

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