New mobile app ‘Bankable Celebrations ‘ allows to send personalized greeting cards that last forever

Latest mobile app Bankable Celebrations enables users to send personalized greeting cards to loved ones along with gift cards securely and ensure lasting memories in just a few clicks.

New Castle, DE, November, 21, 2017: With holiday season round the corner, it’s that time of the year when we gear up to send warm greetings to near and dear ones. However, traditional paper cards get invariably lost over time and so is the love that is sent with the greeting. But not anymore. A new mobile app has come up that allows one to send greeting cards online that will last forever in just a few clicks. Titled as “Bankable Celebrations”, the application will enable users to create personalized cards and receive instant “Thank you” from the elated recipient. 

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. 

As per the statement of the founder of the app, Bankable Celebrations is all set to revolutionize the way we send greeting cards for Christmas, New Year or for any occasion. Most importantly, the app will offset a number of problems we face with regular greeting cards and gift cards.

“Conventional greeting cards involve huge paper waste in the course of production process. Then, sometimes we simply forget to post our greeting card and our wishes never reach to our loved ones. Besides, the regular cards received over the years pile up in our drawers and eat much of our storage space. Worst, sometimes cards might get misplaced over the course of time and losing the card of a dear one is any day a serious loss. Our new mobile greeting card app has come up as the ultimate solution to all these problems we face with traditional paper greeting cards”, explained Kimberly A Broomer , the lady behind Bankable Celebrations.



It’s easy as 1-2-3 to send online greeting card with the app. The app’s gallery is bustling with a wide range of themes for every occasion and feeling. The user would have just to select the card from the gallery, attach a gift card of any value, personalize it and then send it straightaway to the recipient. Bankable Celebrations enables users to add the special personal touch to the cards with heartfelt or fun messages, photos and videos. Upon receiving, recipients can send an instant “Thank You” video message as a note of acknowledgement to the sender.

“The app will also prevent the issue of lost gift cards when they are sent through regular mail. We promise you the most secured way of sending both your greeting and  gift cards which will last forever and won’t even eat up storage space in your drawer.” 



While speaking on the inspiration behind the app, the founder mentioned about the sudden discovery of an old greeting card from her dad after two years of his death.

“The card said ‘Kim keep going. Dad’. I began to wish if the card could talk so that I could hear his voice once again. And thus Bankable Celebrations was born.”

As the app allows one to send personalized videos with the greeting cards, the recipients would be able to hear the voice of the loved ones long after they are gone.


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“It’s my little way of ensuring our loved ones are with us forever even when they are physically not with us anymore.” 

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