Contemporary Picasso ‘Demeter Land’ creates Emoji portrait for the Queen and Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary

Contemporary Picasso Demeter Land drew fine art Emoji portrait for HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip in celebration of their platinum wedding anniversary this month.

Melbourne, Australia, November 21, 2017: Contemporary Picasso Demeter Land has created an Emoji portrait for the esteemed anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH  Prince Philip this year with her exclusive abstract minimalist art.After many years of drawing about the celebrity figures, Demeter had a unique insight into their lives.



One of the most influential and respected artists of the time, Demeter Land is known as the greatest portrayal artist of the 21st century. She is the first artist ever to draw the portrait of the Queen and the Prince through abstract minimalist art. 

“HM Queen Elizabeth II & HRH  Prince Philip are two of the most esteemed figures of the globe and their venerated impact upon the world is beyond measure. Said Demeter. “However, in their lives,what I’ve discovered is that there’s a great deal more to them than their popular image suggests. In public, for example, the Queen is often unsmiling, it’s as if her royal duties, which preclude her ever seeing the lighter side of life. But, in private, she can be quite different.” 



HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip celebrated their platinum anniversary yesterday on November 20th.



Demeter’s most exclusive abstract minimalist portraits introduce a new dimension to the celebration of the royal anniversary for the art collectors & connoisseurs this year.

Added to the British royalty, Demeter has also drawn the portraits of HM Queen of Denmark and HRH Prince of Denmark. 

A religious follower of the legendary Picasso and Cy Twombly, the Australian artist dabbles into the subtle theme of minimalist expressionism in her exclusive abstract artworks. A trendsetter in her own way, she is the first one to transcend our plain emojis to unique creative visuals that have rendered a new inspiring angle to pop art and  minimalism.  

Fondly known as “Contemporary Picasso” across the international art scene, Demeter Land expresses her creative ideas through minimalist expressionism characterized by symbolic scribbled lines. She stresses on breaking free of the constrains of conventional painting to dawn in a new world of carefree paintings lined by the unadulterated innocence of a child. 

Demeter believes in expressing complex thoughts in simplest form possible and rejects all the unnecessary stuff, which, according to her, “disturbs” the picture. Her unique masterpieces are characterized by scribbles of black & white lines that together conjure up an edgy crisp expression of different feelings. From joy to dreams to love to sorrow, Land’s artworks portray a distinct angle to all our emotions and offer a new language of communication to the art lovers. 

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