STI Limited revolutionizes cargo monitoring with new advanced multi-sensor checking and tracking system

STI Limited is looking forward to improve the monitoring on cargo containers on both land and sea with its breakthrough MTMD multi-sensor solution.

Israel, November 22, 2017: Leading Israeli security technology company STI Limited has launched its breakthrough Multi Tracking Maritime Detection System that revolutionizes cargo container monitoring and enhances physical inspection capacity from 2% to a whopping 100%. MTMD is developed in line with the requirement of 100% inspection of maritime containers as directed by the US authorities after the 9/11 attack. The company has successfully incorporated its cutting edge security technology to the civilian marketplace.


The MTMD system is a unique multi-sensor solution which transcends the traditional maritime container physical checks from individual port problem to the world of big data. It’s backed by a state of the art flexible operational software that allows huge throughput by short and efficient inspection during loading & unloading of containers from ship to dock and vice versa.  

“We have successfully developed an advanced technology to upgrade the monitoring of cargo containers both on sea and land which also takes worldwide security to another level. Our technology is able to monitor empty containers as well. Around 150-200 million containers are transported per year and all these remain untracked which is a huge security concern. From suppliers to custom authorities to security entities- no one is able to monitor or track their movement. And this is where our system comes in ”, stated special force Major (res.) Yuval Ovadia who has co-founded STI with 2 other IDF veteran , former deputy head of the “Mosad” and Col. (res.) Rami Efrati.


STI’s MTMD system is designed to serve customers in worldwide maritime transport scene and it brings together cargo, customs, operations & varied other information entities. The system operates on the basis of comparison between actual physical technical data & data gathered from the systems of varied entities. The entire comparison is conducted in real time with multiple sensors on the route to and from seaports, on cranes which load & unload containers and in several other locations & interfaces. 

MTMD sensors are able to identify and compare a wide range of data for BOL and the global data base, including- container length, container color, gross and net weight, seal presence, container ID & its legality and  other sensors as required (unlimited sensors) 

Any anomaly detected from the comparison sends a warning or alarm. The alarms in MTMD are easily configurable and users can program them as per their specific needs & demands. 

“Our system gathers, stores and compares data from multiple sensors in sea as well as in & out of ports, detects anomalies & produces reports as per the specific type of data relevant to customer. As a result, our system is able to increase physical inspection of containers (both filled & empty) from 2% to a massive 100%.”


STI has also come up with other advanced systems like Running Water Analysis System, SN series GC Detection System and TI-Series UVIS (Under Vehicle Inspection System).  

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