Promote Sichuan Tourism to the World in the Name of Sichuan Cuisine

Recently, in the largest professional tourism exhibition in Asia, the China International Travel Mart (CITM), the fragrance of Sichuan cuisine lingered around Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting the exhibitors and visitors to follow the source of the scent. Hosted by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the Sichuan Gourmet Tour Sharing and Cooperative Restaurant Announcement Ceremony and Sichuan Gourmet Experience Public Event enjoyed a grand opening. Over dozens of news media from home and abroad, and over 30 tourism enterprises from 12 cities in Sichuan attended the event.


After the face-changing opera as warm-up, there was the travel promotion of Sichuan, and a short animation video clip about Sichuan Gourmet Tour campaign. After that, the MC introduced Xiong Meimei, the icon of Sichuan gourmet, which received rounds of applause from the audience. Theme stickers based on the image of Xiong Meimei were published on the big screen and the audience on the venue took out their phones and scanned the QR code to download. Later, “Sichuan on Paper” Fragrance Postcard Launch Ceremony, and Sichuan Gourmet Tour Cooperative Restaurants Award Ceremony proceeded. The most eye-catching event was the Sichuan Gourmet Tour Experience Public Event. The sticky rice dumpling, steam chicken with red chili, and north Sichuan bean jelly received great feedback from visitors on the venue. Pi County Bean Sauce, Cheng Ma Po Tofu Seasoning and Huang Lao Wu Peanut Brittle also became popular Sichuan gifts.


This event is the last of “Global Sichuan Restaurants and Sichuan Gourmet Tour” in this year. The campaign has rekindled global attention of Sichuan cuisine culture. This international tourism marketing campaign was hosted by Sichuan Provincial Development Tourism Committee and Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, and organized by Sichuan Culture & Tourism Group. The campaign aims to expand the brand influence of Sichuan cuisine worldwide via Sichuan restaurants, and to further promote Sichuan tourism to the international community.

Since the campaign was launched last year, there have been 169 Sichuan restaurants around the world submitted applications, which has caused a wide attention through the marketing and publicity from online and offline media. Next, the campaign will work with Ctrip Meishilin and publish Sichuan Restaurant Rankings, and these restaurants will become the leading roles of Sichuan tourism in the global marketing activities, playing their crucial parts in Sichuan as an international travel destination.

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