SunMoney Community Solar Power Programme – helping people across the globe to make money and save the planet

The SunMoney Community Solar Power Programme by the SUNMONEY Solar Group surpasses global expectation in 2017. It continues to help people around the world to make money and make this world a better place to live in by reducing pollution.

SunMoney Solar Group is one of the leading providers of solar services across the globe, with offices in different parts of the world. The group’s SunMoney Community Solar Power Programme has performed excellently well in 2017, and the company has continued to build on its achievements by launching its own cryptocurrency.

The need and push for cleaner energy and power, across the globe, has led to the emergence of solar energy. It has become a need of the hour for every company to rely in order to reduce dependency on traditional methods of producing energy. While individuals and businesses realize the benefits of alternate sources of energy such as solar, the financial commitment required to use solar energy has often hindered them from embracing the concept.

This is where companies like SunMoney come in particularly helpful. With the Community Solar Power Programme by SunMoney, the company provides solar generated income to individuals by selling solar packages it offers. SunMoney operates solar power plants, and sell to a public utility or other companies on behalf of its customers, allowing them to earn on their investment. Consequently, customers earn from their remote solar power plant. The programme does not only guarantee great returns on your solar investment for 25 years, but it also takes away the burden of maintenance costs or any other issues associated with operating solar panels. Furthermore, no matter where you move, you will not have to worry about your investment as it will continue providing beneficial results.

SunMoney, as a part of its global expansion plan, is launching ICO –Initial Coin Offering. This program will allow public to buy the company’s tokens, SunMoney’s own cryptocurrency SunMoney Token (SMT). It will ensure high earning as they will be backed by a physical asset i.e. solar farms.

With already over 10,000 members in the SunMoney community, the company is offering a one of its kind opportunity to earn money while reducing the impact of pollution by opting for power producing methods that cause no harm to the environment. There is a considerably lesser risk involved as compared to other investments if you are investing in SunMoney as the earnings are backed by the sun that produces an unlimited supply of energy.

About SUNMONEY Solar Group

SUNMONEY Solar Group is an international company group that consists of several entities. The main objective of the company is to enable members to participate in the energy business, earn money on their solar investments, and live a carbon-free life wherever they are in the world. The desire to provide clean energy by the SunMoney Group led to the development and subsequent implementation of the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Programme. The aim of this program is to become one of the greatest environmental protection programs of the world. Different solar packages are sold by the company at different rates for the convenience of consumers to also produce electricity and go green and save the planet.

SUNMONEY Solar Group is currently present in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia with offices in Germany, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

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