MONSPACE Multinational Corp Celebrates 3rd Anniversary at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

MONSPACE Multinational Corp had its 3rd anniversary celebration on 31 September (Sat) and 1 October 2017 at the Palace of Golden Horses. Top asian celebrities have been invited to perform, and a series of exciting activities have been lined up to give every attendant an unforgettable weekend.

The theme this year is “The Journey”, built on the company’s gratitude for everyone who has supported it since its founding in 2014. This includes members of the public, business partners, colleagues, the media and more. It also serves as an important reminder to the company itself that it is still young, and has a long way to go. We need to constantly equip ourselves, stay fearless, stand firm on our believes, and continue moving forward.

The event is carefully crafted to showcase key highlights of MONSPACE in year 2017/2018. Both local and international leaders are invited to share their respective reports and to network with our invited guests.

 It’s worth mentioning that this celebration would include the performing of multiple national anthems to highlight the company’s internationality, on top of exciting dance performances and lucky draws.

MONSPACE’s The Journey 3rd Anniversary Celebration also features renowned singer Richie Ren, Della Wu (Ding Dang), Hong Kong’s actress and singer Maria Cordero, and Indonesian singer Kris Dayanti to perform great music for all.

The company’s theatre production featuring Jessy Lai’s life story, which has received great reviews, would also be staged at the event for all to see.

The company wishes to share its journey through this celebration, while spreading its corporate belief of “moving forward fearlessly”. It also seeks to encourage social corporate responsibility within the corporate world, and call for more parties to join MONSPACE on their endeavour to create a more caring society.

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