Shifty Eyes Surprises Music Fans with Fresh and Raw Music Video, ‘Beast’

November 22nd , 2017 – There is a broken globe, and one artist is making music with a purpose to heal sore wounds. The new single ‘Beast’ music video by Shifty Eyes, the emerging international hip-hop artist from Alberta, Canada, is making waves for its fresh visuals and a powerful arsenal of sounds.

Filmed in the heart of downtown LA and around Hollywood, the new music video for ‘Beast’ unveils the new image of Shifty Eyes that the world was eager to watch. The rags-to-riches artist knows how to weave powerful messages, metaphors and symbols that convey the pains and obstacles of succeeding as an artist in an environment known for being demanding and unapologetic.

Shifty Eyes is today a household name in his region, known for street struggles and venturing into corporate music industry to emerge as an experienced, professional and extremely talented performing/recording artist. Praise for his previous work, “Kings” catapulted Shifty Eyes to the attention of the world. “It is a motivational pill for aspiring musical artists showing them how to keep their heads above the waters and rise up to success even in the toughest genre,” said one review.

Shifty Eyes has toured with numerous artists and recorded in popular studios all over North America. He carries an enviable repertoire of sounds, and utilizes calculated presence to envelop freestyle bars on top of pristine instrumentals in live time which is the most challenging art form in hip-hop.

Some of the most respected hip-hop community figures hold Shifty Eyes in high esteem. The new single video ‘Beast’ is expected to further carve out a special niche for Shifty Eyes, whose ultimate goal now is to bring value to the hip-hop genre through positivity by actions and inspire listeners through his poetic wordplay/storytelling.

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