Igor Koshutin Takes To Kickstarter Platform To Fund The HipStar Project

Igor Koshutin starts crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance the manufacturing and marketing of HipStar, the world’s best hands-free travel cart.

Igor Koshutin, the international channel development professional with over 25 years of experience in developing business for the US public companies in Europe, has started a campaign on Kickstarter to fund project HipStar. It is the best available hands-free and collapsible travel cart that makes moving of heavy items over any type of terrain easy. The HipStar can also be used as a backpack when needed.

“The HipStar is in an advanced stage of development and is a product that can change the way hikers, campers and backpackers can move,” says the founder of the product Igor Koshutin. “It has been designed to literally take the weight off their shoulders. We appeal to the Kickstarter community to make the campaign a success so that we can make the product available for everyone who needs a better and more convenient luggage carrier.”

There are various types of rolling bags and backpacks available on the market but they were all designed for use in specific places such as airports and railway stations – where the flooring is smooth and navigating the backpack is easy. These bags are good for short trips but they are of little use for longer excursions. They can get stuck when carried across uneven or rough surfaces. According to Igor, tourists and hikers prefer using conventional bags and backpacks as the internal frame and wheels of rolling bags generally occupy valuable storage space besides adding excess weight.

Igor Koshutin is passionate about helping people achieve full mobility with the power of two legs. The HipStar is a product born from this unrelenting passion. The HipStar can help accomplish physical feats regardless of whether they are young or old. The travel cart makes traveling enjoyable and affordable. The HipStar can be a versatile and effective companion for those on the go.

Igor has a great team of product designers, business developers and manufacturing, branding and marketing specialists to get the project completed. They now have to carry out the next series of steps that include product design, testing and mass production. Igor is planning to finalize the prototype and design which is the mechanical development and integration part of the project. The funding, if successful, will also enable the team to purchase the initial inventory and initiate mass production.

The HipStar has been developed with the support of family, friends, and colleagues. They are now waiting for support from the backers and potential customers. The Kickstarter campaign is not only aimed at funding the project but also to receive valuable feedback from the community.

The fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter has a financial goal of $50,000 with the deadline date of 19 December 2017.

About The HipStar:

The HipStar is the world’s best hands-free travel cart designed and developed by Igor Koshutin, an inventor and developer with many years of experience in high-tech industries of Europe. The quest for finding easy solution to problems led Igor to develop the HipStar collapsible cart that can move heavy items on any type of terrain and can also be used as a backpack when needed.

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