EZCLINIQ goes digital with drug prescription with the launch of EzCliniq Prime

India-based healthcare provider, Ezcliniq Health Care India Private Limited, launches its mobile app, EzCliniq Prime to digitize healthcare and ensure more efficient healthcare services

EzCliniq Health Care India Private Limited is a private healthcare provider in India, focused on changing the healthcare practice through the innovative adaptation and integration of technology into the medical field. As part of the company’s aim of ensuring effective management of healthcare sector, it recently launched a mobile app, the EzCliniq Prime, on the Google and Apple stores.

The technology of Ezcliniq is cutting edge. From the development of new ways of drug administration to the creation of innovative medical tools and equipment, technology has helped medical practitioners and patients to get efficient medical services. EzCliniq is therefore introducing its mobile app designed to serve as a mobile clinic with amazing features designed to provide excellent medical services to users.

Beta launched a couple of months ago; the app already has about 575 patients registered, with over a thousand prescriptions sent using its ePrescription feature. The ePrescription feature is one of the unique features of the platform, ensuring a more effective and convenient health care service that uses technological advancements that allow physicians to provide better, faster and accurate care.

The easy to use app allows the doctor to search for patients using the QR code which is unique to each patient and given at the point of registration. The doctor can also search using the mobile number of the patient. All the vital information of each patient, which includes the blood pressure, sugar level, pulse rate and the subsequent diagnosis, can be found on the app.

EzCliniq ensures that doctors and treatment are always present as long as the device is connected to the internet. The app, thanks to its PHR (Patient Health Record) features, ensures that doctors have access to patient information real-time. Consequently, treatment can be given even to the remotest patient, with prescriptions shared through SMS.

The app also ensures affordable healthcare service, by eliminating the huge cost of erecting massive infrastructure. Other exciting features of the app include a safe and secure login and patients’ information, thanks to the QR based patient identification. The security of patients’ information and privacy of the patients are therefore guaranteed. This is in addition to other benefits like electronic health records and the possibility of adding practice analytics.

With EzCliniq, prescriptions are digitized, sharing of prescriptions to patients is instant and more secured, and it is completely paperless, saving the earth some energy.

Users of devices running on the Android and iOS operating systems can get the app on the Google PlayStore and the iTunes stores.

About EzCliniq Health Care India Private Limited

EzCliniq Health Care India Private Limited is a healthcare provider based in India. The company hopes to change the healthcare sector with innovative solutions devised from the use of technological advancements. EzCliniq recently announced the launch of its mobile app designed to change the medical practice by digitizing medical services and making the practice more effective, while bringing the services closer to the patients.

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