For a Sparkling Clean That’s Second to None Hire Aurum

If you are looking for a place to get all your window cleaning in Toronto services done, look no further than Aurum.  We offer more than just window cleaning; we also offer gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and many more services for residential as well as commercial buildings. 

We select and thoroughly train our window cleaners to be the best in the business.  Our window cleaning experts ensure that the work they do is done with utmost attention to the finest details and to the safety of others.  The training we give our cleaners is all inclusive of any licenses, insurance, and certificates that are required to wash all types of windows. 

Aurum  uses only the finest of products for window cleaning in Toronto, in which we promise a streak-free finished product that will last longer.  Also, whenever possible, we clean using “green” methods.

We even have flexible and extended hours of service to ensure your home or office windows are always their cleanest and brightest; if you are not available at home or the office, we can still come by and clean the outside of the windows, until you are able to let us come indoors and do the inside. 

All of the work that our professional window cleaners do is comes with a 100% guarantee.  

Some people don’t think it is necessary to clean their solar panels; however, this is a misconception.  Rainwater alone is not enough nor does it provide the pressure required to ensure all the dirt and debris is removed from your solar panels.  One of the benefits you will notice by having your solar panels cleaned is lower electric bills.  When your panels get dirt built up on them they can lose up to 25% efficiency, costing you several hundred (or even thousands) of dollars. 

About Aurum:

Aurum Property Maintenance Company started out as a humble business in 2008, Michael Morozov the CEO was still at the “Schulich School of Business” at York University.   His education went on hiatus when the University went on an 85-day strike.  Michael then decided to try being an entrepreneur and maxed out his student credit card to purchase some window cleaning equipment (ladders, squeegees/buckets and an old minivan).  Starting out with some “door-to-door” advertising representatives, and only a few window cleaners, Michael began his business, which very quickly began to grow.  There was a need for a window cleaning in Toronto service, obviously. 

It has now been nine years since that humble beginning, and Aurum is now one of the leaders in the window cleaning industry.  There are more than 18 locations throughout North America and has a customer backing of over 30,000 annually, with a staffing of more than 250 members and contractors.  Aurum plans to continue moving forward and making giant, innovative strides in the window cleaning industry which has lied dormant for far too long of a period. 

Call us at 1-800-749-0532 and one of our friendly agents will be more than happy to book a free consultation appointment. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Aurum Window Cleaning
Contact Person: Michael Morozov
Phone: 1-800-749-0532
Address:16-30 Pennsylvania Ave
City: Vaughan
State: Ontario
Country: Canada