DEAR Services Wants to Help Homeowners Prepare for Winter

David Hirst, President of DEAR Services
Puget Sound-based DEAR Services offers effective, energy-saving tips for the winter months to help homeowners who may be struggling with the high cost of energy.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(Seattle, WA) Winter months can be hard on most people’s utility bills, especially with rising energy costs all over the country. Regional favorite, DEAR Services is what many in the Seattle area call the “friendly neighborhood service company” because of their customer-first approach to business and commitment to giving back to the community. Their dedication to the people of the Seattle area has made them a trusted name in their region. Owner David Hirst likes to address seasonal challenges with his customers and offers advice that can help homeowners reduce risk and cut costs.

“I try as much as possible to make my customers aware of potential problems before they happen,” says Hirst. “Whether it’s reminding them of routine maintenance that should be performed on their systems or addressing ways of lowering energy consumption and cutting costs.”

According to Hirst, winter is the heating season and adds an additional load to the home’s electrical panel and monthly energy bill.  Heating costs are on average 48% of monthly utility bills throughout winter. By ensuring that a home’s heater or furnace is running optimally homeowners can reduce the cost of their monthly bill.

“You would be surprised how much owning a well-maintained system can cut costs,” Hirst says. “Even older systems, if maintained, can out-perform newer systems that have been neglected. The best thing my customers can do is make sure that the filters are new before winter and that the system has been turned on prior to that first cold night. What you don’t want is a freezing temperature in the home because that can not only be quite uncomfortable but also have an adverse effect on the water systems and plumbing, as well.”

He advises all of his clients to conduct checkups on their home systems prior to winter weather’s arrival. Homeowners should check the plumbing to ensure that pipes are well-insulated, especially those pipes and faucets that are in non-heated areas or outside the home. Filters ought to be replaced, and if possible a maintenance check of the furnace and electrical panels should be conducted.

DEAR’s motto is “We Do More” because the company believes in going beyond the call of duty and offering a real “neighborly” experience where customers are treated with respect and kindness.  “We live here, these are our neighbors, and we are going to provide ‘WOW’ service each and every time,” says Hirst. “All of our technicians know that every client should be treated as if he or she was the only client. That’s how we earned our reputation in this area as a top firm and how we will keep it.”

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