Adrian Tatum Releases Landmark Book Get 25x More Leads, a Guide to SEO and How to Attain Online Success

Adrian Tatum, CEO of Basmark London SEO and Founder of Effective Business, announces the release of the new Landmark Book Get 25x More Leads, highlighting the importance of SEO and how online businesses and individuals can tap into its unique power to reach high levels of success online.

The book includes valuable techniques and tools that can help attract customers to a business through the development of customer-centric websites that are correctly optimised not for search engines but primarily focused at really helping the customer achieve what they need to achieve.

Such tools are also designed to help business owners interact better with their clients and potential customers to drive more sales. In this book, Tatum explains why SEO matters. He also discusses why SEO alone is not enough in today’s global economy where anyone in the world can sell a service to anywhere in the world.

While obtaining information about one’s business or brand online is a valuable way to increase awareness, businesses will have even better results than ever if they ensure that their content delivers exactly what the customer needs at any given point in time and is search engine optimized. The effective use of SEO is crucial to reach new customers and generate higher sales, Tatum says “Far too many websites are about the businesses ego and not about helping the customer and answering the questions a customer needs to have answered”.

However, not all brands are effectively using SEO. Some are not even aware of many of its types and how to leverage it to their advantage. To help a business and their marketing team make the most of their business and make sure that they have a good online presence, Basmark SEO London CEO has published a book with tips and information on the best search engine optimisation practices. The book can be purchased at a highly reasonable price from Amazon.

A mixture of customer-centric website SEO and well-honed sales funnels and messaging is what Basmark SEO London agency has based its business on and how it delivers growth for it’s customers. The book is designed to help everyone better understand the effective ways to leverage key phrases and keywords to maximise the effectiveness of their content. It also serves as a comprehensive guide that involves detailed information on the effective use of SEO and other digital marketing techniques, as well as how to combine such tools to craft a unique approach to online marketing that will help improve conversions.

Marketers and business owners alike can use this book as an instruction manual to develop a more customer-focused website and overall customer-centric business. This will give them a better understanding of their customer’s needs and how to use SEO to meet these needs. It is filled with valuable information and real situations, which are all geared towards helping everyone become more successful online.

Basmark London SEO consultancy is committed to helping businesses from across all industries and of all sizes achieve profitable growth. It is also a reliable SEO and business growth agency that focuses on obtaining real results for its customers. Adrian Tatum and its owners are seasoned business experts and marketers who have spent years working with people and technology, as well as use a variety of digital marketing techniques. They are highly experienced when it comes to helping their clients get the most out of the internet and the valuable resources available.

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