Toyin Fasakin, a Deaf man, is running for The Office of The Register of Wills in Prince George’s County-the county’s first Deaf political candidate

Prince George’s County, Maryland, Wednesday, November 22, 2017—Not all success stories are fairy tales. This is what you learn meeting some amazing people with some very unusual success stories. Stories of people with devastating challenges making it bigger than most people ever can.

Toyin Fasakin’s story is miles beyond just extraordinary. At the tender age of four, he lost his hearing due to an early childhood illness (measles). That could have been the perfect recipe for a life of dependency and self-pity, but not for Toyin Fasakin.

The unfortunate setback (by ordinary standards) never became a stumbling block for the warrior spirit that is Toyin Fasakin. Surmounting formidable odds, Toyin Fasakin  remained  an  astounding  success  and  an  inspiration  for  his  peers  and graduated from Kent State University, Ohio. Today he is an M.Ed, working as an employment manager directing a team of 9 local government employes.

The enormity of Toyin Fasakin’s success story is not embodied in his personal achievement alone. The true essence of his success story lies in his immense drive to share his success with the community at large.

Perhaps very few people carry the zeal and enthusiasm like Toyin Fasakin to serve both disabled and non-disabled communities. Being Deaf, he knows, feels and understands   the   pain   and   problems   of   community   members   with physical disabilities.

He has always been extremely active within disabled communities. Toyin Fasakin is the past president of the Maryland Association of the Deaf.

Taking his passion for serving the community to the next level, people person Toyin Fasakin has decided to run for public office as the Register of Wills. His attention to detail and knack for connecting with the community makes him an ideal candidate for The Office of the Register of Wills. “People ask me, ‘Why Register of Wills?’ The truth is this is personal for me. My father died intestate, it really wreaked havoc on my family—and we are still recovering,” says Toyin.

Toyin Fasakin’s dynamic leadership skills and will to serve the community, will certainly serve him well. “I have a vision for change. As the Register of Wills, I will create a more digitalized office, broaden the office’s outreach by fostering strategic partnerships, and increase the offices’ visibility.” Toyin Fasakin also plans to ensure proper use of taxpayers’ money, “One of the first things I will do is look at how the office is currently spending and make cuts where necessary,” Toyin said.

Toyin Fasakin’s official Campaign is Kicking off with his 40th Birthday Celebration on December 1, 2017 at 7pm at The Mercy Grace Center, Hyattsville, MD. His Campaign Kickoff is open to anyone, people are asked to RSVP at: To make a donation, supporters can visit Toyin’s website at Additionally, anyone can call and speak with his Campaign office and staff: 301-736-2222.

Though he is Deaf, Toyin Fasakin is not allowing his deafness to hinder him. He likes to say, “I can do ANYTHING anyone else can do…except hear.”

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Company Name: Friends of Toyin Fasakin Campaign Committee
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