New indie horror flick haunted by REAL spooky antics now in Redbox

New indie horror movie “The Doll Master” that has met with tremendous response was recently released in RedBox. The film was shot at a haunted location and the entire unit faced supernatural events during the shoot.

Essex, UK, November 22, 2017: Good news for puppet/doll horror movie fans looking for a horror treat this holiday season. Leading British film company Greenway Entertainment has recently launched its new indie supernatural horror movie on RedBox in USA, which is already ruling the HMV chart in #1 position and has also garnered rave reviews and ratings from viewers. Titled  “The Doll Master”, the latest Killer Doll movie was itself shot at a haunted location amidst real paranormal activities.



“Great Indie Horror from Steven M. Smith. More suspense over gore. This British indie film is well acted, with great visuals and music and sound design for the zero budget they obviously had. Highly recommended for a night in with popcorn”, read a happy review from an elated viewer.

Directed by Steven M. Smith, “The Doll Master” revolves around Norman and his beloved doll Hugo. Norman is a house-bound introvert and the overbearing doll is the one and only friend in his life. His world centers around Hugo and Norman could not think of spending a day without the doll. The twist in the tale is that Hugo is actually possessed by demonic forces. The film starts with Hugo getting kidnapped which pushes Norman into a frenzied search for his dear doll. 


Viewers have loved the gripping storyline of the movie that progresses through several spine-chilling moments as Norman encounters the heinous demonic forces on his quest for Hugo. To some, “The Doll Master” reminds of the famous creepy doll movie “Chucky” but Smith’s plot is much higher on the spook quotient with a lot of “added menace”.


English actor and producer Tony Fadil plays the protagonist (Norman) in the movie. Other important actors of the film are Rorie Stockton and Tiffany-Ellen Robinson. 


Interestingly, “The Doll Master” not only shines with its awe-inspiring suspense but also has a REAL spooky background story behind it. Smith landed up with the shooting location somewhere in the UK after extensive research. The location apparently seemed to be inspiring for the film but over time the crew started facing a series of bizarre incidents that left the whole unit in spooky frenzy. There were ghostly apparitions, unexplained paranormal activities and at some point, the whole cast & crew was down with sickness while shooting the film for no solid reason. From the director to the actors to the technicians, everyone involved in the film had experienced some level of scary supernatural incidents during the shoot.  



In the words of the director – “The location inspired me, but mysterious things started to happen when on set. Actors and crew including myself saw strange dark figures, got a sickness bug that seemed to last only whilst we were in some of the location rooms. The Tunnel system was spooky, and on one occasion our smoke machine turned itself on filling the whole set with dense mist, even when it was not plugged in!”

Smith and his crew are of the belief that the evil spirits that were on location have now possessed Hugo, the doll used in the film!

The Doll Master has been released on DVD rental on RedBox and would be available for digital download from December 5, 2017.  

You can catch the trailer of the film here 

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