Media, Technology and Communication Forum launched with an agenda of 13 training sessions

Al Khamees: We meet with a range of media, communication and technology specialists in three days.
Al Shatti: Intensive training programs are of great importance for developing our awareness, concepts and abilities.
Darwish: Development efforts should be strengthened and expanded in informatics areas and modern technology.

The second edition of Media, Technology and Communication Forum kicked off on November 21-23 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuwait under the patronage of HE Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al Mubarak Al Sobah, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Media, Arab Information Forum, the Central Information Technology Agency, the Arab Planning Institute, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Kuwait Information and Communication Society and the participation of a group of senior officials in the government and private sectors A number of specialists and academics with experience, as well as producers of investors in the communication industry, technology and media at the local and international levels.

         Madhi Al-Khamis, Secretary-General of Arab Media Receiver, said during his speech at the opening of the forum “The forum will discuss how to get the best use of media and social media in the management of our lives and our work through studies and practices of specialists in the field, pointing out the presence of 13 sessions and a training class serving the objectives of the Forum over three days.

         Al Khamees, stressed the keenness of the forum’s organizers to bring together the concerned and influential people in the field of media, communication and technology to create a kind of interaction by expressing their views on the media and technology situation in the Arab world.

           From his part, Qusai Al Shatti, Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology, said: “The forum of Media, technology and communication is of great importance as it blends media with its various tools, technology that has become an important source in the media industry and its development. The revolution of communication, stressing that such forums, which come in the form of intensive training programs are of great importance in the development of our perception and our concepts and our ability to deal with those three influences media, communication and technology.

         Al-Shatti added: “The agenda of this forum is a rich schedule of important titles, and qualified lecturers who have been carefully selected to achieve the important purpose of this gathering to seize the benefit, information and additional knowledge. By proxy, and to the sponsors and all participants.

          Karim Darwish, Director of the Arab Planning Institute, said: “The forum of media, technology and communication includes a number of specialists and interested in media affairs to discuss the latest methods and objectives that contribute to the development of media sector and highlight its important role in supporting development ,as a regional institution to support development efforts in its various fields and as a partner with Arab Media Forum in organizing and implementing many development activities and forums, a partnership that is valued and always seeks to continue.

          Dr. Darwish stressed the need to strengthen development efforts and expand their scope, especially in the field of informatics and technology, and to activate the role of technological technologies in achieving the development goals. He pointed to the role of Arab Planning Institute in developing the information center to become an integrated electronic center aimed at providing information support to all its trainees Institute, researchers, specialists and attention to economic and social development, through its components, which include the electronic library, regional and international databases, electronic journals, the Institute’s database of documents and the database of Arab experts.

          Darwish added “It is necessary to crystallize and generalize the objectives of economic and social development,so that these goals enter the community culture and become part of the societal thought each individual seeks to achieve these goals,the role of media is to educate public opinion on the most important development issues, It also explains the results and outputs at the near and distant levels, so that the public opinion is aware of the changes that can and can be linked to the reality, and work to deal with them for the benefit of economic and social, ,stressing the need to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness of the development policies and actions of governments, both at the social level and most importantly, or at the economic level and per capita income.

         The agenda of the forum includes 13 lectures that will be held over three days. The table on the first day includes three lectures: “How to develop your life and presented by Latifa El-Lougani, and the session “How to influence and presented by Dr. Fawaz Al-Ajmi, Professor of Media at Kuwait University””How does your creativity appear and is presented by Ayman Salah, an IT expert?” And on the second day, the table includes a session on “How to build your image on the Internet and presented by Roland Abi Najm, IT and social networking consultant” ,and “How to Protect Yourself and Presented by Dr. Fayez Al-Kandari Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University and Hussein Al-Abdullah Lawyer and Legal Researcher”, And the session “How to achieve your way and presented by Thursday Thursday Secretary General of the Arab Media Forum”, and the session “How to Achieve Your Ownness” by Dr. Moataz Kokesh, a specialist in modern technology sciences. The table includes the third day of the session “How to master your e-business and presented by Bilal Al-Murad, regional Director of Ipsos Connect, and “How to Develop Your Skills and Presented by Nasser Al Mutawa, aTechnology Expert”,and “how to market your project and presented by Mohammed Suwaydan, an e-marketing expert,and the session “How to assess your performance and presented by Dr. Salah Al-Najm expert social media,”and “How to Achieve Your Success” presented by Manar Al Hashash, Secretary General of Kuwait Content Award.

      It is worth mentioning that the Forum on Media, Technology and Communication is organized by Arab Media Forum and the Central Information Technology Agency,The Arab Planning Institute, sponsored by Kuwait Airways, and aims to study the role of technology in the growth and development of government and private institutions,highlighting the direct impact of the technological revolution on changing the foundations, concepts and tools of many other industries

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