Pet Portraits Service in The UK is Making Stunning Portraits from Photos

Pet owners all over the UK rejoice as they now can get beautiful drawings or paintings of their precious friends. Painted Paws, a pet portraits UK service, expanded their collection of styles to ensure everyone can find a perfect one.

Painted Paws has been around since September 2016 and its success has been nearly instantaneous. This pet portraits UK service has caught the hearts of pet owners right away. The people of Britain have always been fond of their animal-friends and over 90% of pet owners consider them family. Painted Paws offers a chance to immortalize these most precious animals by making their portraits. The artists use photos of the pets to make their paintings or drawings. Therefore, the procedure is 100% stress-free for the animal.

At one can see the full range of styles this animal paintings UK service offers. They’ve only recently expanded their collection as the business grows and attracts new talented artists.

pet portraitsAre Painted Paws the Best Pet Portraits UK Service?

Painted Paws definitely are one of the best in their niche. There are many reasons for this, but most important of them are:

  • Every work is unique.
    Unlike some of the less trustworthy services, Painted Paws is 100% honest. They create a unique painting or drawing of the animal by hand, not using some digital tools or other tricks.
  • All drawings and paintings are made with love.
    Artists working for this pet portraits UK service are not only talented but also avid animal lovers. They understand how important it is for their clients to get a portrait that reflects their pet’s character. Painted Paws creates this kind of works.
  • All works are top quality.
    Painted Paws employs skilled and talented artists who use the best materials. Prints and canvases they provide will remain beautiful and vibrant for many years to come.

Today pet portrait photography is getting more popular. However, this way of immortalizing one’s little friend isn’t easy. Even the best-behaved animals can be a challenge for the photographer and the session is a huge stress for the animal itself. That’s why pet portrait photography pricing is rather high.

Painted Paws, on the other hand, is an affordable pet portraits UK service. They can make their drawing or painting from any type of photo, not necessarily a professional one. A good shot caught on a phone’s camera can be good enough for artists to work with.

This type of service allows making a portrait of any pet, even the one that’s no longer with their owners. A print of a beloved friend lost to time is a fantastic gift for a friend or even oneself.

A reliable and experienced animal portraits UK service, Painted Paws offers a large selection of painting/drawing styles and a stellar customer service.

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