Curtis Banks teaches the 3 Secrets of Money Management in his new book, “The Book on Money Management”

Curtis Banks, known as “Your Money Smart Mentor”, has announced the release of his new book, The Book on Money Management: How to Build a Foundation for Wealth.  

The Book on Money Management: How to Build a Foundation for Wealth by Curtis Bankswas written to help people who have income, yet, they consistently have financial challenges. The book chronicles the financial hardship that he experienced early in his career due to lack of financial education.  How he transitioned from being deep in debt with no savings to becoming financially independent. His experiences lead to a focus on financial education, the development of a system to effectively manage money, and ultimately the writing of The Book on Money Management.

One of the major causes of financial challenges faced by many people is the inability to manage the money they make. Many people have a good income, yet they struggle to make ends meet. They work hard for their money only to watch it slip away from them month after month. The inability to manage money and build wealth contributes to the growing disparity of wealth and economic inequality.

Unfortunately, personal finance is not typically taught in k-12 school or college. It is a missed opportunity to form a foundation of sustainable money management skills at an early age.  It is also disheartening that while there are books on personal finances, most of them contain jargons and advice that does not work for most people. People are left with limited options to gain the money management skills to improve their current and long term economic conditions.  Therefore, it is imperative for people to take personal responsibility to discovery sources of financial education and identify mentors.

The book by Curtis Banks reveals the 3 Secrets of Money Management so that you can achieve sustainable improvements in your financial results.  The reader will learn how to:

• Manage money the Money Smart Way!

• How to get out of consumer debt and stay out!

• How to build a foundation for wealth!

The book is written in easy to understand terms and the system is straight forward to implement.  The book can be ordered at

About Curtis Banks

Curtis Banks is an entrepreneur, educator, mentor, award-winning author, and USAF veteran.  Curtis is the CEO of Money Smart Education, LLC. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Business, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, and a Master’s in Management Information Systems. He is a certified Coach, and Mentor.  Curtis is a dynamic speaker and regularly host events to teach the 3 Secrets of Money Management.  Curtis is married, has 5 children, 7 grands, and 3 great-grands. He likes to travel, play ukulele, read, write, and play billiards.

Contact Curtis at: or 843-813-0480

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