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With Animiz, it is easy to make a whiteboard animation without any technician background. This software is designed to help businesses increase their popularity without breaking the bank.

Animiz presents their amazing whiteboard animation software for creation of customized whiteboard animation that can be used by different industries. Whether businesses that are on budget would like to promote their products and services or educators search for modern ways to engage the students, this software is great solution.

Whiteboard animation is a popular method for advertisement of different products and services because of its contemporary approach. The animated characters that move around, speak and present different things are attractive for people of all ages and keep their attention to the very end of the presentation. These stories with added visual and audio impact are a smart way to popularize a new business. Animiz whiteboard animation software makes it very easy and achievable within a few minutes.

Animiz provides some great benefits to the users, which include:

  • A budget-friendly whiteboard animation that is simple to make and customize in order to present a particular business
  • A whiteboard animation of professional quality
  • An effective way to reach the wide public
  • Amazing tools that give the user control over the editors for total customization
  • Malware and viruses free
  • Information is fully protected

The process of whiteboard animation making consists of five easy steps that includes downloading the Animiz software for free, using the pre-prepared templates or the blank scene to start making the customized video, adding some multimedia contents, taking advantage of the timeline feature, etc. The final step includes publishing the ready video both offline and online and sharing it to the world.

Jason Chan, the manager of Animiz, states: “We are happy to announce that we reached our goal with creation of this amazing software. It is made in a way that could greatly facilitate the process of animation making and is fun and convenient even for the beginners. Yet, we don’t stop there but continue to work on its updates to make it perfect.”

With Animiz, it is easy to make a whiteboard animation to break the traditional and win more supporters.

About Us:

Animiz Software Co. Ltd. Provides very user-friendly and affordable software to help companies around the globe to popularize themselves.  Amize whiteboard animation software is their recent software that is already used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

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