Top 5 settings for a perfect wedding

Weddings are a beautiful way to show how much two people truly love each other. Picking a place to have a wedding is hard do due to the fact that there is so much to do and so many choices to make. Picking a venue is one of those many choices. You can pick from a number of different places and can even have a destination wedding. Here are four different settings that you can start to base your wedding venue off of.

1. Outdoors

The great outdoors is a perfect place for a wedding. If you are looking for natural colors, lighting, and decorations. Whether you want to be by the beach, in the woods, or near an orchard, outside is a perfect place. You can create borders by adding tents, furniture, and different spaces designated for eating, talking, dancing, and the ceremony.

You can make it comfortable by adding rugs, chandeliers, and elements that tie your decorations together.

2. Soiree

Use a restaurant or home as a way to make the wedding more cozy and intimate. You can make it personal by adding things from both of your pasts that mean a lot to you both. You can move furniture outside and usetrinkets that mean a lot to you as decorations. Pay attention to the details. If you are going for antique, make sure that everything is antique, including glasses, place settings, etc. This is a great way to have an intimate wedding what means the most to you.

3. Ballroom

Be the belle of the ball in an elaborate wedding venue. This style of venue will make all of your fairytale dreams come alive. You can be as elaborate as you want or make it simple and sweet. You can really make this space your own. You can have a beautiful ambiance that allows your guests to get into the wedding spirit. In general, you get to be as creative as you want in this kind of space.

4. Destination

Have the wedding of your dreams in the place of your dreams. You can have this on a cruise ship, on an island, in the mountains, at a castle, the options are endless! There are many settings within these options that make these unique. Venice, Italy will give you the opportunity to experience gondola rides and a romantic atmosphere. The beaches of the Caribbean will provide an intimate, warm setting that only the beach can give. The mountains in Spain give you the ideal setting for a winter wonderland wedding. The possibilities are endless!

Weddings are wonderful but can be overwhelming to plan. Picking the ideal location is even harder when you can’t predict the weather or know what availability is. Enjoy the planning and have your dream wedding. No one else gets to have your day so make it everything you want it to be.

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