More than 500 backers supported the campaign for Mesay, the 20 language translator on Kickstarter

Mesay, the smart voice translator device was launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and received great response from people all around the world. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise $30,000 USD and it received support from 533 backers to gather an amount of $118, 349 in total. The device is doing a second crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo now.

The success of Mesay can be credited to the fact that the youth today is quite enthusiastic about traveling and exploring the world and a device which eliminates all language barriers is sure to gain popularity in this scenario. Also, the singles are becoming so open-minded that they don’t want to limit their relationships to a country. Additionally, with most of the businesses getting global and increasing interactions between people of two completely different cultures, there has been a need to create a solution that helps them in communicating better.

Mesay is the handiest portable translation machine in the world. It weighs only 0.1 pounds but makes the simultaneous translation between 17 languages possible. Using artificial intelligence, the device translates between 17 languages, with each translation costs no more than 2 seconds with an assured accuracy of 90%. The applications of this device are enormous in fields including outbound travel, global business, study abroad and more.

Mesay can translate 18 languages into Chinese or English. It offers real-time translation with no more than 2 seconds of delay. It also supports voice search keywords to find commonly used statements. Some of the other features of this device include voice record, call distress, mp3 player, pedometer, 3G/Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions. The device comes with two, upper and lower buttons, one for A-B translation and the other for B-A translation. The device’s powerful recording function can easily convert a recording into text (so far available for Chinese language only), making it easy to organize the summary of a business meeting.

Mesay makes it easy for the travelers to interact in a foreign country when they want to order meals in a restaurant, book a hotel, shopping, and other activities. It also helps in improving communication among the partners and colleagues in a global business. It eliminates the need for calling a translator everytime for a business meeting and helps the two parties in understanding each other better. With this revolutionary new translator, it is easier than ever for the individuals to make foreign friends, study abroad and work for an international charity.

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