Cat-friendly Furniture Launches on Kickstarter Modern Modular Bookcase Replaces Cat Trees with Functional Space

A new look at pet furniture has launched on Kickstarter ( Cat Tree alternative, the Cat Case, from Chicago-based Cat Matter starts a crowdfunding campaign focused on bringing modern modular furniture for both pets and people.

The innovative approach to cat furniture couples a designer bookcase with the function of a cat tree to compliment decor and provide the exercise, private space and height cats need. The furniture features stackable units that combine, pair and assemble into a bookcase, end table, wall unit and many other configurations, while also providing a carpeted maze for cats.

“What sets this furniture apart is not only the quick assembly and ability to customize, but the utility of it,” says creator Jeff Faye. “Many people don’t have a whole corner to sacrifice to a cat tree or cat condo, the Cat Case give people the usable space they need, while making the space between a place for cats to hide, climb, play and stretch claws.”

Comprised of 36”x18” modules, the Cat Case features a front and rear panel joined by a box at the core. It features 3 distinct layouts and is available in 4 finishes maple, walnut, fog gray and white.

Cat Matter began manufacturing custom Cat Cases over a year ago, and only recently made the decision to launch on Kickstarter. “The purpose of launching on Kickstarter is to bring a scalable version of the furniture to life. By placing larger material and machining orders, and minimizing changes between units, we’re able to make the Cat Case more affordable,” comments Chris Faye, head of operations.

“We designed the Cat Case to not only provide both us and our cat, Stanley with usable space, but to solve future special needs,” comments Jeff Faye “Static furniture can be a pain. It’s big, it’s bulky and when you want to change the look of your home, static pieces are a lot of work to replace. Since the Cat Case is modular, anyone can add or take away modules, order new ones of differing color and adjust how they go together. It’s furniture that can evolve with the owner, pets and home.”

After campaign the campaign launch on November 21st 2017, backers can expect to secure a Cat Case, Cat Shelf set and single modules for lower than retail prices, early backers can expect special early bird discounts. To check the awards and get more background on the project, visit The campaign will run through December 20th.

About Cat Matter

Cat Matter is a Chicago-based company that manufactures feline furniture for places large and small. The focus of each piece is to provide exercise and space for pets and organized style for humans.

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