Leathereal launches limited period sale on finest quality leather jacket for men and women

Leathereal has announced the launch of limited period sale on its wide range of high-quality leather jackets for men and women. The sale is estimated to last for up to 30th November and offers the product at 20% off. The brand offers a great collection of leather made motorcycle jackets, vintage jackets and more.  It offers a great variety of pure leather jackets at half the price offered at other famous brands.

Leathereal Jackets aims to provide the highest quality pure leather jackets for both men and women. In a clothing industry filled with thousands of fake leather products, the Leathereal aims to offer completely genuine leather jackets and other leather products. All the jackets are designed by professional designers as per the latest fashion and runway trends so that the customers get the best.

Most of the times, the customers are not able to tell the difference between leather and PU jackets which is why Leathereal explains it properly using a few articles. Leather is a long-lasting material which is created by tanning animal rawhide and skin. The leather jackets at leathereal are made from sheep/buffalo. PU, on the other hand, is made out of plastic and comparatively cheaper than leather. It is not very durable and artificially made to look and feel like leather at a lower price.

There are many advantages offered by leather jackets over PU jackets. The leather jackets by Leathereal have a longer lifespan as compared to PU jackets. The shine and color of PU jackets are likely to be lost within a few months while the leather jackets by Leathereal retain their shine and quality for several years. To differentiate between PU and leather, the customers can see the back side of the leather jacket to see if it’s pure or artificial. PU feels rubbery or stickier because of rubber compound while pure leather jackets have suede on the back side.

Lethereal deals with leather jackets for both men and women, made with a high-quality manufacturing process and hand stitching. They are designed to be classy and long lasting. All the products can be seen at letahereal.com.

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