Paul Miller Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce I Am Oracle Cards and Hypnotherapy CD

Live an abundant and fulfilled life with the I Am Oracle Card Deck:  Manifest dreams into reality with a beautiful, uplifting tool to create self-empowerment.

“I Am” are two of the most powerful words in the universe.  The “I” represents the physical body and ego self.  The “Am” is the spiritual body and total being.  Whatever word is placed after the “I Am” is what that person will become.

Learn to wipe clean the minds old programming and put in place a whole new structure.  Gain control over the body’s subtle vibrations and the mind’s thoughts with the help of the I Am Oracle Card Deck and Hypnotherapy CD.  The simplest phrase can bring the greatest change.

The deck is a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with many different divination systems.  Whether it is for personal growth or reading for clients, the I Am Oracle Card Deck will change a person’s life and the lives of those around them.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $10 to $120 or more, with rewards including everything from an I Am oracle card deck, phone app, incense sticks, t-shirt, embroidered hat, hypnotherapy CD, and an autographed copy of an I Am oracle card deck.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About I Am Oracle Cards:

Create self-empowerment with a beautiful set of tarot cards that enlighten the user to an abundant and fulfilled life. 

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