Smart portable Airwheel R5 Electric Bike Gives People High-Efficient Life

Airwheel R5 electric moped bike offers people high-efficiency travel. The equipped lithium-ion battery supplies strong power, while the wheel motor blends electric power plant, drive device and electric brake appliance into the whole wheel so as to ensure forceful power. It makes travel full of energy.

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Many people complain about low-efficiency life. After all, the traffic in cities is really congested, especially in rush hours. Sometimes, people may be stuck in traffic for several hours. What is worse, even if people get to the destination, it may cost them a lot of time to find a parking lot. It is no wonder that life efficiency is declining. Here is a solution: Airwheel electric hoverboard. It gives people high-efficiency life and makes every day meaningful.

Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is able to avoid traffic jam and takes people to the destination smoothly. Why? On the one hand, its small figure will freely pass through congested vehicles and crowded passersby. On the other hand, it can be folded into small figure and taken into many occasions. For example, if taking subway is the best way to some place, but the subway station is a little far from house by walking, at this moment, people can ride R5 to station. Fold it and take subway.

After all, the folded size is so small that can be put in bag easily. Therefore, travel efficiency has been greatly improved. Among Airwheel mars rovers, MarsRover R5 makes range unlimited, which benefits long-distance travels. Generally speaking, people have two methods to realize unlimited range. They can take enough spare batteries according to the distance of journey, for the battery unit is replaceable. Meanwhile, if the battery runs out, they can switch to exercising more and let journey continue.

Going out is one of important activities in daily life, which costs much time. According to the survey, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is able to save as much as 400% time from daily travels. It is why R5 will improve the life efficiency. People can make use of saved time to do something meaningful, such as taking a family trip, learning a new skill, watching a movie or reading a good book and so on.

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