XBrick Is Globally Collecting Applications of Quality Crypto Currencies To Be Traded On This BitCNY Market

The first crypto currency exchange which offers the trading market with BitCNY.

By now, the stolen US$31 million worth of USTDs have been resolved promptly by the issuer Tether and the impact of this hacking attack has been effectively controlled. Nevertheless, something has rooted in the users’ hearts and hardly recovered – the fear. The reliability of USTD is doubtful and the users start to switch to the alternatives of USTD. The market value of Bitshares which is a crypto currency developed by an industry superstar BM, has increased by 35% as more users choose to use BitCNY instead of USTD.

What is BitCNY? BitCNY is a contract on the Bitshare system. One BitCNY can be converted into one RMB worth of Bitshare any time on the market. The issued BitCNYs are guaranteed by 3 times value of Bitshares held in reserve. Even though the Bitshare price fluctuates over time, the value of 1 BitCNY is always pegged to 1 RMB. BitCNY provides a secure way of liquidity without the typical crypto currency value volatility.

The huge demand and positive user feedback support the establishment of the XBrick BitCNY trading market. XBrick is the first crypto currency exchange which offers the BitCNY trading market. Currently XBrick is globally collecting applications of quality crypto currencies to be traded on this BitCNY market. XBrick receives the expression of interest through business@xbrick.io. The XBrick team will review all applications and shortlist the successful ones for public voting. All registered users of XBrick can participate in the vote and only the most popular tokens will be traded on this BitCNY market.

Global investments in crypto currencies become a very hot topic among reputable organisations in Wall Street. More and more traditional commercial banks as well as local governments are standing at the back of some particular crypto currency markets. The establishment of the BitCNY trading market opens the door for more choices and opportunities. The first mover XBrick definitely set itself at an advantageous position in this new world.

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