Natural Tattoo Aftercare Now Available at Primitive Outpost

Nova Scotia, Canada – There is something rhythmically intoxicating as a tattoo gun penetrates the skin. The experts at PrimitiveOutpost understand once the intoxicating high fades away, the irritation sets in as the skin initiates the healing process. Artists will stress the importance of tattoo aftercare to their clients as they will get the urge to pull at the scab. The scab acts as a layer of protection to keep bacteria out of the open wound, those who pull at the skin prematurely run the risk of scar tissue forming. 

The first stage of the healing process requires the most intensive care as artists will encourage their clients to wash the area using Primitive Outposts Ink’d Tattoo Soap. The organic anti-bacterial soap contains active anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce redness and irritation. It is not uncommon to experience oozing for at least a day or two after getting inked. In addition, depending on the size, clients will continue to experience redness, pain, and swelling prior to the scabbing process between 3 to 7 days.

The second week of the healing process consists of the transition from an open “wound” to scabbing. Clients will experience the most irritation during this time as the scab flakes. Primitive Outposts Ink’d Tattoo Balm is great moisturizer to reduce the irritation and those going through tattoo aftercare are encouraged to use it to make the process easier.  Depending on an individual’s preference, Primitive Ink’d Tattoo Oil is an alternative fragrance-free moisturizing agent to the balm. It is not abnormal to experience peeling for a couple of days within the healing process, especially clients with a larger piece.

Primitive Outpost’s tattoo after care products consists of enriched rosemary extract, calendula oil and arnica oil. All of these agents have anti-inflammatory properties in addition to other benefits. Rosemary extract aids in blood circulation, which keeps the skin hydrated. Calendula oil consists of antioxidant properties, which quicken the healing process and protects the area against infection, whereas the arnica oil consists of anti-bacterial properties and reduces pain.

The experts at Primitive Outpost understand that utilizing the best care is imperative to tattoo care and are striving to make sure those with tattoos know how to best ensure their proper healing. All their products are cruelty-free and do not consist of parabens and other chemicals toxic to the body. Individuals are encouraged to check out their array of affordable tattoo care products prior to their next appointment!

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