Rich Metal Announces a Wide Range of Carbide End Mills for Different Industries

Rich Metal Changshu Co.,Ltd is the professional end mill China Company, providing customized end mills, especially tungsten steel end mills that are robust and are useful for many industries.

For the purpose of cutting and drilling, many industries require robust end mills. China based Rich Metal Changshu Co.,Ltd announces to supply custom-made end mills made of tungsten steel with carbide micro grains that can be used in different industrial applications.

The end mill China company has a variety of end mills in their portfolio that an industry can choose from. Despite maintaining an extensive portfolio, they are open to customize the end mill as per the client’s specification and requirements. These end mills can feature various rotation speeds and cutting speeds for cutting or drilling through a variety of materials. According to the spokesperson of the company, they can supply end mills to be used for drilling through different metals or nonmetals.

 Rich Metal Announces a Wide Range of Carbide End Mills for Different Industries

The spokesperson reveals that these end mills are suitable for different working conditions and can be used for drilling through single or multiple layers of different materials. The end mill China company specializes in Tungsten Carbide end mills that feature micro grains for efficient cutting or drilling. With hardness of 55HRC or above, industries can find these end mills ideal for their industrial cutting works. The company can supply end mills with different cutting diameters that can suit the precise requirement of an industry.

The end mill China company can supply end mills of 68HRC or above with the end mill length of up to 75mm. The company supplies minimum 50 pieces of end mills per order, and in case of custom-made end mills, the minimum order quantity will be of 100 pieces. They supply end mills to a number of industries across the world and maintain a timely delivery policy. To check the different types of end mills they have in their stock or for placing orders for customized end mills, one can visit the website

About Rich Metal Changshu Co.,Ltd.

Rich Metal is a young but professional end mill vendor, focusing on improving and providing customized end mill, especially tungsten steel end mill. Rich Metal insists on the values of “Integrity, Service, Innovation and Progress”. Standing with these values, the company commits itself to bringing the best products to their clients. They have won good reputation and strong trust from business partners in America and Europe and also in the domestic market. Since 2013, they have started Rich Metal brand in international trading.

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