Wakeeson Inc announces the launch of WhoReact – a free global social network on Google Play

Leading mobile app development company, Wakeeson Inc, launches a free global social network, WhoReact for easier and more fun communication and networking with communities, friends, families and ethnic groups.

Wakeeson Inc has recently launched a mobile app on Google named WhoReact. WhoReact is a social network available for free to users of devices running on the Android operating system. The free app allows users to communicate with families, friends, but more importantly, communities and even ethnic groups. The app is designed to ensure users remain connected and up-to-date with happenings around them.

Social media and networking sites have changed the way people communicate, allowing for enhanced networking with familiar faces and even strangers. The emergence of the likes of Whatsapp and other such social networking platforms has made the world an even smaller global village. However, no social network has been able to connect people of the same community and ethnicity while maintaining the primary purpose of social networking. This is where WhoReact is particularly unique.

The app does not only serve as a social network, but it actually ensures a global coverage. This is so as it allows users to connect with people that live around them as well as others across the globe, with its zip code search feature.

One of the unique features of the app is that it allows users to connect with ethnic groups and communities across the globe. Unlike other social networking apps, WhoReact has an “international connectivity” features that allows users to search and connect with people across the globe based on their ethnicity. Users are able to communicate effectively with their individual ethnic group, post and share things that matter to them and the group, and staying up to date with happenings in the ethnic group across the globe.

The app is designed to allow fast and effective communication with friends, family and any other person across the globe in a unique and fun way, with a focus on ensuring easy communication within a community. The free global communication tool also comes with a journal feature. This feature allows users to privately put down their daily activities without necessarily sharing them with others. The feature is great for persons that prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves.

WhoReact is currently available on Google Play for free and is already getting accolades from users. “Very good and useful app for Android devices useful and easy to communicate with people around the world.”

More information about WhoReact can be found on the website, with videos available on YouTube.

About Wakeeson Inc

Wakeeson Inc. is an IT company that specializes on the development of application for smart mobile devices. The company recently announced the launch of its social networking app, WhoReact, designed to foster communication and networking with family, friends and ethnic groups. The app is available for free on the Google Play, allowing anyone and everyone to communicate in a faster, easier and more fun way.

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