New Health and Exercise Portal for People Living with Diabetes Launched by Diabetes Strong

Health advocate Diabetes Strong has revamped their online presence into a platform underscoring the importance of fitness and health for people living with diabetes. The new site provides a host of information to support people living with diabetes. As a one-stop information site, it aims to inspire and jumpstart that move toward an active and healthy lifestyle.

The prevalence of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is quickly increasing, and living a healthy lifestyle regardless of type is of outmost importance. Diabetes affects nearly half a billion people all over the world, as reported by the World Health Organization. As an uncontrolled condition, diabetes often leads to other problems such as cardiovascular diseases and renal issues.

Promoting a Fit Lifestyle

A lifestyle management plan for diabetes often includes exercise and other activities. Since exercise with diabetes helps reduce risk factors, Diabetes Strong promotes a library of workout videos for a regular fitnessboost. The workout options include low to high impact sessions that can be done at home. For those who like high-energy fitness programs, the site also offers videos on full body resistance training and other intensive workouts that can be done in a gym.

Encouraging Healthier Choices

Adopting healthy eating habits can benefit daily diabetes management and wellbeing. This process promotes more than just monitoring what the body consumes on a daily basis. It also involves embracing healthier eating choices. To assist with this process, the site provides meal plans incorporating nutritious ingredients into exciting recipes. The individual recipes can be switched and customized according to individual needs.

Emphasizing Dietary Improvement

The food plans include an array of recipes which are designed to cut down meal prep but still deliver great tasting dishes. Check out the recipe index for a wide range of selections, including recipes for vegan and non-vegan, meat-based, low-carb, and other dishes. They even have a list of recipes for baked goods.

For those who are looking for a guide, this online tool can help jumpstart and maintain a fitness and health plan for diabetes management. Living with diabetes does not have to be a barrier to achieving a successful career or a comfortable life. Initiating changes to one’s lifestyle can help those with the condition by improving their health, maintaining an ideal weight, and managing blood sugar levels. 

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