Accessformula Introduces Useful Information About The State-of-the-art Access Control Systems

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The technology relating to ‘access control’-that is allowing restricted or monitored admittance to an individual in an enclosed space or heavily protected area-has evolved rapidly. Historically speaking, a receptionist, security guard or a member of staff gained entry using some sort of mechanical device, for instance a lock and key. However, such mechanical means were not foolproof, from the viewpoint of security as anybody who had access to the master key could find his or her way inside. Then again, if the keys fell into the hands of an unauthorized person, he or she could have easily made replicas of the same for gaining access.

Additionally, if the keys got misplaced or were lost, authorized person or personnel were no longer able to enter the premises. Mechanical locks gave way to electronic/digital control mechanisms that too had their distinct drawbacks. Accessformula blog posts inform one and all about the versatility of voice recognition and biometric technology control systems.

Accessformula Introduces Useful Information About The State-of-the-art Access Control Systems

The voice recognition or acknowledgement method is an access control technology that has been in vogue for quite a long time now and is currently being used to the hilt by innumerable manufacturers of home/office automation systems. With an automated system, the owner of a futuristic home or office can fully control any device or appliance installed inside, anytime of the day or night, irrespective of his or her location. The system can be configured to a handheld or portable device like a smartphone or a tab and thereafter accessed using ‘voice commands’.

Accessformula blog posts assert that prices of automation modules for homes or workspaces or any confined space for that matter have come down considerably owing to stiff competition (between different manufacturers) making these more affordable. Nevertheless, the smooth functioning of the voice recognition software is greatly influenced by various factors which yet again imply that even this advanced access control technique is not seamless.

Putting the security aspect of different real estate areas in perspective, access control systems exploiting biometrics technology tend to be far more reliable. What are the tangible biometrics technology benefits? For a start, this access control procedure allows employers to keep better track of staffs’ attendance and payrolls as well as safeguard the information. The inherent features of the biometric access system means that its operation is not impeded by time-theft, inconsistencies stemming from human errors, and the handicaps pertaining to ignored or abandoned PINs, RFID signs, and (shed) strike cards. The technology is dependable as the process works on the basis of identifying and recognizing an individual based on his or her fingerprint, face shape, iris type and hand size that are exclusive.

The best fingerprint smart lock FPC1020 manufactured by a Swedish company is an excellent instance of the optimum utilization of the biometrics technology.

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