GoBizLoans Launches New SBA Commercial Real Estate Loan

One of the most crucial components to a successful business is having access to high quality commercial real estatethat can be used to carry out essential activities, such as production, sales, and administration. Most small businesses are stuck renting commercial spaceas it can prove difficult to find the right financial support and credit needed to acquire and own their own real estate. Businesses considering buying commercial real estate to operate their business out of might benefit from GoBizLoans’ brand new SBA commercial real estate loan program.

GoBizLoans LLC is a Los Angeles company that helps small business owners get quick and easy access to SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loans. GoBizLoans has traditionally focused on SBA working capital loans up to $350,000 butthey recently launched their real estate loan program. This new program is for commercial real estate loans, to help small businesses,step by step, acquire a variety of important building spaces, such as retail locations, factories, and offices. If your business has been in business for 2+ years, will occupy at least 51% of the building, and have a credit score above 680, GoBizLoans commercial real estate SBA loan is perfect for you. GoBizLoans offers rates as low as 4% and real estate loans from $200K – $5MM.

There are many characteristics that make GoBizLoans’ SBA real estate loans unique. One of those characteristics is speed. To start off, only one application is needed for this program.  And when that application is complete, it is automatically sent to more than 35SBA lenders. This means a timelier and more efficient process for everyone involved. From there, the projected funding timeline is fast as well, especially compared to banks. The estimate for the majority of reception of loans after qualifying is only 30 days.

Another characteristic of this particular loan program is that it creates opportunities for those who want to refinance or buy property loans. This is useful for companies that want to take commercial property loans that have a higher interest and refinance or purchase them. The program alsooffers many loans that have a very low interest, as low as 4%, which is another unique aspect of this program. In addition, this program offers business owners the option low down payment rates and the potential to qualify for notably large loans with very little hassle.

This loan program gives businesses the opportunity to create net worth, receive tax deductions, and save on rent as well. The application process is easily accessible on their website as well. It includes a pre-qualification screening that is completely secure and checking eligibility does not impact the applicant’s credit score. GoBizLoans will then analyze the information that a business provides, compare it to SBA loan requirements, and then meticulously match that business to SBA lenders that they believe will most likely lend to that business. Business owners that are interested in learning more about GoBizLoans and its services or to apply for their real estate loan product should visit their website for more information.

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