Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd Produces Special Sizes Dock Bollards And Cone Fenders According To Different Clients Needs

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd is a prime producer and supplier of an eclectic variety of across-the-board marine components and parts which are generally used for the safe berthing of diverse types of nautical vessels, including dock bollards.

Marine vessels including but not limited to ships, boats, yachts, liners, ferries, and fishing trawlers after returning to shore need to dock safely not only to protect their structure but also to safeguard the berthing quays. For this purpose, a sweeping range of berthing components and structures are used in ports and harbors throughout the world which have evolved greatly since the time they were originally designed. Historically, rope fenders in a range of patterns have been used and are still in use albeit, limitedly.  Nowadays, ports and docks use cylindrical fenders, arch fenders, pneumatic fenders, hydro-pneumatic fenders, drifting rubber fenders, tugboat fenders, cone fenders, and many other types of fenders. Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd based in Yantai under Shandong Province in China is one of the frontline manufacturers of port guard products.

Since the day Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd started operating, the corporation has wholeheartedly devoted itself to producing a wide variety of marine dock products, like wheel fenders, fender frontal panels, foam fenders, DO wing fenders, and dock bollards. The company has been able to achieve a high degree of expertise in fender manufacturing and engineering and its present product repertoire now extends much the conventional marine fenders as the establishment now deals in dock capstans, quick release hooks, and anchor chains. Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd employs highly skilled and experienced marine offshore engineers who are capable of furnishing consultancy services to clients who deal with such products. Consultancy services basically relate to offering valuable recommendations on designing durable as well as cost-efficient products.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd Produces Special Sizes Dock Bollards And Cone Fenders According To Different Clients Needs

There are different categories of mooring or marine docking bollards that Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd fabricates and supplies. These include the tee head bollard, T-horn bollard, ETG bollard, K-head bollard, quad-head bollard, recessed & pin bollard. These maritime bollards are ideally suited for using in wharves, jetties, quays, and piers. The firm processes cast iron, cast steel and spheroid graphite for designing the aforementioned types of bollards that serves the purpose when it comes to docking gigantic vessels at quayside with precision berthing angles. These T-head bollards when outfitted with load fuses or retrofitted to custom-made or bespoke base plates become eminently ideal for dealing with high line angles on multifunctional berths.

Cone fenders produced by Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd blend high-level angular performance with unprecedented efficiency. The incredibly versatile cone fender finds widespread application as a straightforward panel fender as well as a sophisticated fender system and flat pack port. A cone fender is used for mooring large vessels, and maintaining the stability of structures that are extremely load-sensitive and during port upgrades/renovations. The cone fender is available in three basic types-cylindrical fender, extruded fender, and element fender. The cone fender is the modern version of cell fender, the 3rd generation cell fender to be precise.

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Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd is a dedicated producer of a diversified range of dock guard components and is also a well-known distributor of fenders and bollards. For more details about their products, please visit their website.

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