Terri Towelling offers huge discount on its wide range of salon towels

Supplier of hairdressing towels, Terri Towelling, offers huge discount on its range of salon and hairdressing towels, allowing salons in the United Kingdom get quality towels at affordable prices

Terri Towelling is a supplier of premium quality hairdressing towels of different colours and patterns. Since it was established in 2012, the company has stood out from the competition by providing a wide range of high quality hairdressing towels to salons across the United Kingdom. The company has recently announced its discount offer that allows salons and hairdressers to get quality towels that include bleach proof towels at remarkably affordable prices.

One of the most cherished items of a hairdresser or salon is the towel. Therefore, hairdressers and operators of salons go all the way to get quality hairdressing towels. However, the process of buying salon towels in UK has not been particularly easy. While some suppliers offer quality towels at exorbitant rates, others fail to deliver on their claim by supplying towels of inferior quality. Consequently, hairdressers have to settle for the available range of towels against their desire. The emergence of Terri Towelling however changed the industry.

Terri Towelling simplifies the process of buying hairdressing towels by providing a wide range of towels at affordable rates. With a focus on helping owners and operators of salon achieve efficiency, Terri Towelling provides durable and hard wearing towels to salons. This ensures that hairdressers are not compelled to change their set of towels intermittently. The towels are economic to launder, reiterating their cost-efficiency.

The discount offer by Terri Towelling allows buyers to get as much as 10 percent off on their favourite towels. Terri Towelling combines quality with affordability by providing luxurious, soft and professional towels for as low as £5. With over 100 different colours and varieties of hairdressing towels on sale, salons are guaranteed of getting towels suitable for their operations.

Terri Towelling provides wholesale disposable black and white hairdressing towels to salons across the UK, with quick delivery. This ensures that salons get their preferred towels promptly. The company also offers innovative customer branding solutions on larger volume orders such as embroidery and own labelling. This allows salons to have their brand logo on towels, consequently promoting the brand.

Terri Towelling is changing the industry one towel at a time and hopes to become the UK’s leading supplier of hairdressing towels in a couple of years.

About Terri Towelling

Terri Towelling is a provider of wholesale disposable hairdressing towels to salons across the United Kingdom. Established in 2012, the company was founded after the discovery that the industry for hairdressing towels was poorly served. The company has subsequently simplified the process of purchasing hairdressing towels by providing a wide range of premium quality towels carefully handpicked for salons in the UK.

Since its establishment, Terri Towelling has continued to stand out from the competition, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in this sector.

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