Leseeing Releases TPU Carbon Fiber Sleeves For iPhones 7 Plus & 8 Plus In 2017

Leseeing is an established and prime manufacturer of a wide range of accessories for smartphones and components for the consumer electronics sector, including an array of topnotch carbon fiber TPU cases and sleeves for iPhones.

A typical iPhone regardless of whether it happens to be an iPhone 5, 5s, 7, 7 plus or 8 plus is an extremely expensive smartphone which makes it out stand out from all other brands of cell phones. Therefore, it goes without saying that everybody and anybody who owns and uses any model of iPhone, surely considers the same as one of his or her most prized possessions. This smartphone manufactured by one of the world’s most reputed producers of digital/electronic gadgets-Apple Inc-scores high on versatility, enabling the user to complete both simple and complex tasks with a breeze as well as keeping him or her entertained. It does not need to be exaggerated that the iPhone owner/user will want to accord the premium phone a foolproof protection and a TPU carbon fiber phone case from Leseeing best serves the purpose.

Leseeing Releases  TPU Carbon Fiber Sleeves For iPhones 7 Plus & 8 Plus In 2017

The TPU carbon fiber for iPhone 7 plus/iPhone 8 plus skins fabricated and marketed by Leseeing offers all-encompassing defense to these high-end smartphones, thanks to the properties of the TPU material from which the coverings are made. For a start, this thermoplastic polyurethane material or TPU is incredibly resistant to wear and tear brought about by inclement weather, climatic changes, extensive use, rough handling, and so on. Additionally, the high tensile strength and the excellent flexibility or pliability ensures that the phone’s screen and the backside stay fully secure from sudden or unexpected bumps, falls or collisions. At the same time, this material is very environmental friendly implying that carbon footprints are not left behind as a result of the sleeve’s use and is thoroughly recyclable.

Both the sides of the iPhone X carbon fiber sheathing have been carved out of thermoplastic polyurethane material which is not only smooth to the touch but also supremely hardy as well. The inherent properties of the material come handy for safeguarding the iPhone smartphone from scratches, grazes, weathering, oil spills, water, heat and cold, and other elements. The lightweight and soft TPU matter is shock absorbent, thereby acting as a buffer against abrasions or shocks resulting from abrupt slips or falls. The elevated edges on the case’s back make sure that the phone never comes in contact with the surface of the table or desk where it is placed.

Leseeing Releases  TPU Carbon Fiber Sleeves For iPhones 7 Plus & 8 Plus In 2017

The inner concavity of the Leseeing carbon fiber sheath coupled with the raised platform and beveled edges at the top end provides keeps the lenses of the cameras intact. Ergonomic design of the smartphone cover also prevents the costly gadget from getting overheated. On the other hand, triple layering along the sides furnishes complete defense to all the ports and buttons built into the handset.

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Leseeing is an approved and reliable manufacturer and retailer of an assortment of add-ons for numerous digital gadgets including carbon fiber iPhone sleeves and cases. For more details about the product or to place an order, please visit the website.

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