Zuzis launches iMessage and GBoard Sticker app for iOS and Android

Leading mobile app development company, Zuzis announces the launch of iMessage and GBoard Sticker app, with free travel stickers and emojis

Zuzis is one of the leading mobile app development companies, with several mobile apps already under the belt of the company. Zuzis recently announced the launch of iMessage and GBoard Sticker app for devices running on iOS and Android. The Travel Stickers and Emojis app is designed to set the right mode when users send them to friends and family, with cute and fun stickers.

Emojis and stickers are one of the most effective ways of communicating especially for persons that are mobile savvy. This is so as they can be easily used and understood by both parties in the communication process. Consequently, stickers and emojis have become popular amongst users of smart mobile devices. The emergence of social media platforms, especially the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger has also increased the popularity of emojis and stickers.

While mobile stickers have become increasingly popular over the years, they have not too many air travel-related stickers. Zuzis is, therefore, launching a mobile app that allows users to share their mood in a fun and exciting way directly from iMessage.

The first of its kind mobile app is easy to use and is compatible with most devices. Several emojis and message stickers are available on the app for travelers. It gets even better with the sticker app as the fun stickers can be used on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line and other such social networking sites. It is also easy to use on these platforms as users only have to tap to copy the appropriate emoji or sticker and subsequently paste it to send to family and friends.

This ease of using the app and its compatibility with several messengers make it even more functional and versatile. The iMessage and GBoard Sticker app has more than 80 represented situations that can be used, and more are being added every week. This ensures that users of the app find an emoji or sticker that perfectly describes their flight mood or mode as the case may be.

The app is currently available in English and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores, and it is garnering momentum by the day. “Smart way to express travel feel,” says Zubair Muhammed, one of the users on Google Play.

Travel Stickers: Emojis app is the fun and smart way of expressing travel feel. Users and interested persons can sign up for updates and news on the Air Travel Stickers website.

About Zuzis

Zuzis is an IT company that specializes in the development of mobile apps for users of smart devices. The company makes apps for users of Android and iOS devices, with several functional and efficient apps already made available. Some of the mobile applications from the stables of Zuzis include Unity Ad Blocker, VoiceboxMD.com, leastcount.com and the recently launched Travel Stickers: Emojis.

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