Steven E. Schmitt: The Undisputed Founding Father of Paid Anthology Concept Continues to Create More Bestselling Authors

November 27, 2017 – Great inventions in any industry are often stolen and the publishing industry is no different. It is such a ripoff that the visionary who started the paid anthology concept got his ideas hijacked and now, Publishers are using all his intellectual contributions, “Jimmy Gleason a client of Steven E. Schmitt stated”

Steven E. Schmitt is now one of the biggest subjects of the individual property theft and publishers are taking his work for granted in the publishing industry worldwide. Steven E. Schmitt created the internationally renowned ‘Wake Up Live the Life you love Series’ that sold more than 2 million books worldwide.

“The Wake Up books were such a great way of marketing, hundreds of publishing companies have used his ideas without giving him credit, but when he was interviewed, he said, he feels grateful that his contribution have revolutionized an entire industry. “They are all copycats, but I somehow feel grateful that my Wake Up creativity was so powerful that it gave away for all the non-creative publishing companies to follow my systems,” he added. According to Steven, he feels kind of similar to the way Nikola Tesla must have felt when Edison stole all his ideas. However, the world now realizes this and Tesla is credited for his contributions, now more than ever.

Steven E. Schmitt’s creativity was so good Even Kevin Harrington from the original shark tank is using the same concept, but Steven feels grateful that at the end of the day, his work is helping others in succeeding. The legendary innovator feels blessed and grateful for his thriving business today. 

He started them with the original mindset like Dr Wayne Dyer and have sold and created many positive outcomes. He has directly and indirectly inspired many moguls of the publishing industry and thousands of leading authors from around the world consult him regularly for his valued book coaching services.

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